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  1. When are you having another contest or A special on extensions??? You know we are all dying to have them!!!!!

    1. Hi Yolanda! Keep your eye out, we;ll have a costume contest coming up soon and a makeover contest at the end of 2014! That one will be big πŸ™‚

  2. Would you be able to dye clip-in extensions that have already been purchased but need to be matched to my hair color? How much would this cost and how long would the turnaround take?


    1. Hi Olivia! We can certainly help you! Give us a call at the salon so we can ask you a few questions that will help us give you a more accurate answer! (303)968-4222. Thanks!

        1. Hi Lauren!

          We recommend our guests getting their strands done every 4 months to prevent snarling. However, each guest is different, some guests can wear them anywhere from 3 months to 6 months! We do a check-up with all of our guests to see how there extensions are doing =) Give us a call and we can help you out! (303)968-4222

  3. I just finished with chemotherapy. I lost all of my hair during the process and need to return back to work the end of Feb. my hair is growing back but slowly. I wanted to know how long does my hair need to be to add extensions. I’m Looking for a short hairstyle. Plus how much is this?

    1. Hi Sherri! Thanks for asking and so glad that you made it through the Chemo and are well on your way back to good health! We have worked with any women who have undergone chemo and would be happy to set up a consultation so we can get a look at your hair. We recommend that your hair be at least 3-5 inches in length to get the look your are likely wanting with extensions. In terms of cost it varies widely from a few hundred to a few thousand, but to give you an accurate answer, we’d love to have you in for a free consultation, that way we can give you a better idea of what you’re looking at. Give us a call anytime and we can set up an apportionment to get you in πŸ™‚ (303)968-4222

  4. I have always wanted a spiral perm but with my babyfine blonde hair, i couldn’t do it.
    Do you have blonde spirals, about 18″ long, and what would the price be, roundabout?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Eve! Thanks for reaching out! We do have 18″ blonde extensions available. Would love to talk more about the look and the spirals. That way we can give you a better answer. Feel free to call the salon and we’ll be happy to help you! (303)968-4222

  5. Heather is the best stylist in Colorado. I have struggled for years to find someone that I could completely trust with my hair. From the moment I walked in her salon she made me feel so welcomed. I have never been a very confident person, but she has helped me not only look good , but feel good. She is so professional and listens to all your needs. I look forward to all my appointments. Whether it’s a cut, color or style she does it all. Did I mention her staff our amazing as well!!

    1. Wow Lisa! Unexpected, thank you so much and we have really enjoyed having you in the Salon! Can’t wait for many more good times! Thanks for the kind words, you’re amazing!

  6. GLO, Heather, and the team offer excellent service. Never disappointed. They are always on top of it. They provide a wide array of products and services with a personal touch. Excellent location as well. They make it easy and convenient. I recommend GLO. πŸ˜‰

  7. Hi Heather,
    I thought your new website offered good customer feedback. My son broke his wrist which is why I missed the last appointment. I will try to re-schedule before summer is over. Thanks for the info!

  8. I am looking for clip in extensions for volume in the crown area for my thin color treated hair. Would you have extensions that would work for this purpose?

    1. Hi Jaime! Thanks for checking us out! We have definitely done this before and can absolutely help you! We would need to see your hair in person to get a better idea of what’s needed. Do us a favor and call the salon today and we’ll get you set you up for a free consultation. The # is (303)968-4222. Thanks!

  9. Heather has been doing my hair for about 5 years. I have always been impressed with her work and she always make it a fun and enjoyable experience. I trust her with my hair and she is very efficient! πŸ™‚ She also fixed my former roommates hair when she needed a serious color correction! I highly recommend her services!

  10. My hair is about shoulder length, it’s thinning on the sides. I have it colored an hi lighted. They just keep hi lighting over the previous and touching up the roots. I think they have gotten the top way too light, I am not suppose to be a blonde but I feel like I am. I also think I need a new cut and style. Can you tell me an approximate of what it would cost to do all of that? I have to come from Burlington way out East so you will need to tell me which of your salons would be closest. I need everything done by the 1st as I have a big wedding in Az to attend, do you think you can help??

    1. Hi Debbie, Yes we can help you! We have some color openings with Bri before the 1st! Please call salon at 303-968-4222. Colors start at $65 and haircuts are $50.
      Thank you for inquiring , we hope to hear from you soon!

  11. Are you participating in Pink Hair for Hope in honor of breast cancer awareness month? I’d love a few hot pink hair extensions for the month of October!


    1. Hi Erica! We do have some pink hair extensions we could get installed for you! If you want call the salon at (303)968-4222 and request Lexie. She has some Pink Extensions specifically for that purpose! See you soon!

  12. I am reading about your extensions and it says it only suits Caucasian and European hair, so in assuming you can’t use this on mixed race hair, or african american hair correct?

    1. Hi! Thank you for emailing! I’m sorry it says that exactly on the website, we actually DO carry Ethnic and Textured hair of all types and different thicknesses and wave patterns. If you would like to come in for a consult, we would love to show you the different hair types we offer =)
      Please call salon at 303-968-4222 and we would be happy to set that up for you?

    1. Hi Carmelia!
      Our hair extensions start at a couple hundred and can go up depending on the type of extensions you’re looking for, how much hair you are looking for and the length you want. Everyone’s pricing is different. We would love for you to come in for a free consultation where we could give you an exact price quote and answer any questions you might have.Feel free to cal us to book your appointment (303)968-4222!

  13. I seen all the before and after pictures and didn’t see any with African American hair. So my question is does your salon do hair fusion on all hair types and textures?

    1. Hi Alanels,

      Thank you for contacting us! Are extensions come in all different textures and curl patterns. We offer tapes, and fusions. We don’t do sew-ins or beads. But our fusions do come in textured hair. Let us know if you would like to come in for a consult =)

    1. Hi Anna! Great question! In our opinion, in order to achieve
      the look you desire with extensions, your hair
      must be between three and five inches long for
      them to be applied. If hair is shorter, trust us
      when we say allow more time for growth. Trying
      to make a quick fix will only result in more work
      and more money spent in the long run. If you’re
      patient, it will be well worth the wait! If you have any other questions let us know! If you’d like to set up a consolation give us a call at (303)968-4222!

    1. Hi Marta, unfortunately we don’t sell the hair. Each service is customized and hair is ordered after the consultation is complete. We only order hair if a guest is having them put in at our salon. Hope that helps answer your question and if we can be of any help otherwise please let us know!

  14. I’ve always wanted extensions and just cannot afford the 650.00 or possibly more. Do you happen to do payments or is it all upfront?

    1. Hi and thanks for reaching out! We do half up front and half upon application. Have you come in for a free consultation already? We can take a look at your hair and see what we can do to help. Every persons hair and budget are different and we always try to work within that scope. If you want to set up a consultation just give us a call at (303)968-4222 πŸ™‚

  15. Do you only do color and extensions? I am looking for someone amazing for a cut and I have trouble trusting people after many bad haircuts. How far out are you booking appointments?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Keri! Thanks for reaching out. We specialize in Extensions and Color, but Cuts are certainly part of what we do well. If you can call us today at (303)968-4222 and we can discuss further to make sure we understand what you’re going for and how we can help you! Look forward to speaking with you πŸ™‚

  16. I have been getting my colored in Germany for 3 years, do you guys have stargazer products? My hair does not like Pravana. I have had everything from sand art to uv pink, blues and purples. I really would love to keep my hair art going and I am in hopes you can help me

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for reaching out! Would be happy to discuss how we can help you out, and would probably be easier over the phone. Would you mind giving us a call at the salon (303)968-4222! Thanks and look forward to speaking with you!

    1. Hi Diana! You sure can πŸ™‚ If you have any other specific questions we can answer over the phone don’t hesitate to call us at (303)968-4222!

  17. I’m interested in getting extensions to help with my hair length and while I’m waiting for it to grow. Which is really slowly. Anyhow, how long do extensions stay in your hair?

    1. Hi Misty! Thanks for inquiring and great question! It can vary quite a bit based upon which type works best for your hair. Clip Ins can last up to 10 years. Tape in’s are 4-6 months with proper maintenance and Fusions are usually 3 to 4 months.. We do free consultations if you are interested. Just give us a call at (303)968-4222 and we can answer any other questions you might have. πŸ™‚

  18. Do you perform the LA Weave technique at your salon? I’m very interested in this service & am not finding much anywhere. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jessie, thanks so much for reaching out! While the weave technique you’re inquiring about is not part of our expertise, we have other methods that may be comparable if not superior to that method. We’d love to help you in any way we can. Feel free to call us (303)968-4222 and we’ll see what we can do to help get your problem solved!

  19. Need help.Have boxed colors, dark brown and bleach blonde.Would still like to have 2 colors in hair but made to look pretty and well done.can I get an average price$.thankyou

    1. Hi Tammy, would be happy to help you in any way we can. We would likely need to see your hair in person to give you an accurate idea of what it might run. Here’s what our prices normally start at.
      Prices Starting at:
      Full Highlights with one color – $125
      Partial Highlights with one color – $75
      Each additional color – $25
      Root Touch up with Style – $75
      All Over Color (Single Process) – $95
      OmbrΓ© – Price upon consultation
      Balayage – Price upon consultation

      Would love to get you in for a consultation and take a look at your hair so we can see how we can help you achieve the look you are wanting. Give us call today at (303)968-4222. We are open Tuesday-Saturdays!

  20. What if I just want to purchase the clip in extensions? And do not need them put in for me? Can I just come into purchase the extensions?

  21. i have short hair about 8″ long will a 16″work with my hair clip on that is and how much will it cost if i already have the hair, thanks.

    1. Hi Hanna! Yes it would work and Would be happy to answer your question, but we’ll need to chat with you to understand a bit better. Give us a call today anytime till 7PM. (303)968-4222

  22. My hair pretty much looks like a mullet now after bleaching it for years, like I have bangs in the back of my head. I use the clip is BUT I can’t keep the hair to lay down that we’ll because of the breakage. Would tape ins be able to conceal that? I’ve but tape ins from Sally before and when I washed my hair they would start to come out and lose its stickiness after a few days, how are these different from those?

    1. Hi Chrissy, I’m
      Sorry your having some
      Issues with your hair and we would love to help you out with not only the color, but the extensions.
      Our tapes are different from Sally’s for many diffferent reasons: there thicker, there softer, we have over 2000 color combinations to choose from, they come in all different bands sizes , and of course they don’t fall out and are sticky.
      If you would like to come in for a free consultation , so we can show you all the different types of extensions we offer ams pick out the right extensions for you. Please call us at 303-968-4222
      Thank you!

  23. I am leaving to Georgia on the 2nd of September for 10 days on vacation. Is it possible to get a consultation appointment and a hair color appointment on the same day. And is it possible to have the extension put in before the 2nd. I know it’s extremely short notice. But I am recently widowed and have been dealing with that and putting this off. It would be a nice pick me up. I’m from the Springs so can the Castle Rock location or Lonetree location so this for me ???? Thank you so very much. Shana

    1. Hi Shana! Thanks for reaching out! It is possible with clip ins…would be happy to chat with you over the phone to get some details and see if we can make something happen for you. Give us a call at (303)968-4222. Thanks!

  24. I purchased the Hairprint kits but reviews make it sound like they are much better if I applied by a professional. Would I be able to make an appointment to have someone at your salon apply this for me?

    1. Hi Donna! Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we don’t apply products outside of the ones we offer simply for the fact that we cannot guarantee their quality or safety. If you do decide that Hairprint isn’t working for you, give us a call and we’d be happy to have yo in for a free consultation to see how we might be able to help! Our # is (303)968-4222

  25. I would love to have my hair done, but I’m a college student on a budget, my hair is bra length in the back, but I would love it to be almost down to my belly button. What type of hair extensions are (generally) the top 3 cheapest, in order.. Also, can you wear a high pony if you have tape in extentions? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tiana! Thanks for reaching out and we totally understand about the budget πŸ™‚ Clip Ins would be your best choice, then tape ins and then Fusions. We could certainly help you figure out what would work best for you and your budget. Just give us a call today at (303)968-4222 and we’ll see how we can help you!

  26. If I came in to get a blonde (9 or 10) ombre or a balayage, could you guys use oliplex, or what brand would you use to lift my medium/dark brown hair(4-5)?

  27. If I came in to get a blonde (9 or 10) ombre or a balayage, could you guys use oliplex, or what brand would you use to lift my medium/dark brown hair(4-5)?

  28. Do you have someone who can do this hair style (see pic at website link below). I have long hair to my arm pit.


    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for reaching out, I think we can definitely help you! Give us a call at (303)968-4222 and we can chat more details to see how we can help!

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