Highlights and Lowlights: Details You Need To Make Smart Hair Decisions

Hightlights vs Lowlights and how to get the look you want

When you go to the salon, you want to walk out with gorgeous hair. That’s just a given. Did you know that getting the perfect hair color requires a collaboration between you and your colorist? Talking to them about the results you want with your hair color can help them determine whether highlights or lowlights are in order.

There is quite a difference between the two hair coloring processes, so think about what your “before” hair looks like and what you want your “after” look to be.  Hair color is truly an art form, so here’s all you need to know about each technique to effectively communicate with your artist.

Highlights vs lowlights Denver Glo Extensions hair color expertsWhat Are Highlights?

Highlights are when a colorist uses a bleaching agent and/or pigment to lighten select hair strands to make it look sun kissed. Glowing. Radiant. Similar to the color you had as a child when you just played outside. It’s not all over color, it’s strategically placed all around the head, usually near the crown of the head and towards the front. Any color hair can have highlights added, even hair that first is processed with an all over color.  Smaller sections of hair with broad spacing will create a subtle result, while highlighting more, thicker sections of hair will create a more noticeable look.

For example say you are a strawberry blonde naturally, but as you are getting older your color isn’t as vibrant as it used to be. Highlights can brighten up your natural shade without being too dramatic. Or you can go the opposite effect and get a very strong differential between your base color and the highlights. It all depends on what you prefer. Most people want expertly placed, subtle highlights that bring a glow to their features. A celebrity example to look to would be Jennifer Anniston. Her honey “bronde” highlights are very natural looking, and is a popular request in many salons across America.

Highlights vs lowlights Denver Glo Extensions hair color expertsWhat Are Lowlights?

Lowlights are the exact opposite of highlights. A colorist will add pigment to select strands to dye them 2-3 shades darker than the base color. It can be really lovely with a rich depth that looks amazing when lowlights are done right.

Sometimes they are added just to balance out the brightness of highlights and to add another layer of dimension to your hair color.  For example, blonde highlights with dark blonde or red lowlights can be very flattering. Great examples of celebrities who rocks the lowlight look are Jessica Biel or Kate Beckinsale.

At Glo Salon in Denver, we are the hair color experts.  Whether you want highlights, lowlights or are curious about some of the other hair color techniques like balayage or ombre hair, we can give you gorgeous, celebrity-looking hair. Move over Jen and Jess!

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