Create Long Hairstyles-Even if You Have Short Hair

Create Long Hairstyles-Even if You Have Short Hair

long hairstyles and long hair experts Denver at Glo Salon

Even with short hair, you can indulge in long hairstyles…with hair extensions.

Admit it. Having long “Rapunzel” locks is the stuff that little girls’ dreams are made of. Sometimes having that fantasy come true as an adult can be a very rewarding look for you. You can have any of the trendy long hairstyles you want with the right hair extensions from Glo Extensions in Denver. As the leader in hair extensions of all kinds, you can almost instantly go from short to lusciously long in one salon session. That’s a perfect look on many people because long hairstyles are so in right now!

Just take a look at most of the supermodels on the runways today, or the glut of gorgeous Hollywood starlets who sport long hairstyles. Most of them didn’t achieve this feat naturally. They had some expert help from extension stylists who knew exactly what they were doing in making long hair a reality for their clients. Here are some of the trending long hairstyles that you can achieve once you have the right extensions in place.

Bone Strait Long Hairstyles Parted Down The Middle

This is a throwback look to the 60’s and 70’s where women used to actually iron their hair to get it stick straight. Now with flat irons that are way less damaging to the hair shaft, you can have healthy straight hair whenever you want. Just make sure you deep condition often to keep your strands in tip top shape.

Long Hairstyles with Boho Beachy Waves

Fusion Hair Extensions Denver long hairstylesFusion Hair Extensions Denver long hairstyles

This style is amazing because it’s easy to achieve with just a touch of wave spray. You can even wake up and go with this style, since it’s meant to look a little like bed-head in a sexy tousled way. Don’t get too fussy with it. If your hair needs help coaxing out those waves, braid each side in a few sections at night before bed and undo in the morning to gentle easy waves boho style.

long hairstyles and long hair experts Denver at Glo Salon

Half Up Long Hairstyles

This is a retro style that doesn’t ever really go out of fashion. Try it with some new fancy clips and bobby pins to pull the top half back. Then you can go with a gentle blowout for the rest of the look. Think polished and sweet. The ultimate girly look.

If you are inspired and would like to add some length, volume and fullness to your hair, call the long hair experts in Denver, CO.  Glo Salon is the premier hair extensions salon and we specialize in applying, cutting and coloring hair extensions to blend them in with your natural hair.

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