Braid it this spring season.

Braids are hot!

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Braided hairstyles have been around for centuries, but they are still fun and fresh today.  So go ahead, have some fun and dare to be different. The rules are more relaxed, your braids don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be YOU!

Four Strand Braids

The four strand braid is an alternative to the three strand look and is done in the exact same fashion as its alternate. The only and obvious difference is that the four strand uses four strands instead of three. This style is not hard to do at all although it looks like it may take some time and skill to do. This braid is great for days when you want to do a simple style but also want to give it a classier and more unique look.

Fishtail Braids

From first glance, the fishtail may seem complicated and complex to create, but it is really a simple two strand hair braid that can be done in under five minutes. It is perfect for elegant occasions when you’re looking for something other than soft curls. This braid can also be done neat and tight or messy and loose. Combine your fishtail braid with a hair ribbon or bow on the end for a cute look or tie it off with a transparent hair band for a very neat look. You can braid your hair to one side, down the entire back of your head, or even as two separate braids!

Rope Braids

Rope braids or twist braids as they are sometimes called is a great braid to master for quick hair fixes. As its name suggests, rope look involves a lot of twisting and twirling but it is quite easy to do. Rope braids look best on those with long hair and can be intertwined with other popular hairstyles to create a truly uncommon yet glamorous look. Rope braids are nothing more than two strand braids like the fishtail. It’s fun and flirty, perfect for any event!

Glo Extensions is the best salon in Denver because we keep it fresh and our skill and expertise is unparalleled. Be sure to book your appointment with us soon at (303) 968 4222 and get the spring look you want. We want to see you soon. In the mean time have fun trying your favorite braid look.

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