Natural Hair: Spring Trends

Natural Hair: Spring Trends

Going with your natural hair is a trend that is sweeping the nation right now! This is great news for you ladies because this means you can spend less time styling your hair and more time doing the things that you love. Put down the straightening iron and leave the curling iron in the drawer. Now, rocking your natural waves is right on trend. Here are some styling tips to master the undone look.

Natural Hair: Mousse

If you have naturally wavy hair, harness your curl with a small amount of mousse. Remember that using too much can result in crunchy locks. That is why using a small size in the palm of your hand is the best way to go. Spread the product evenly throughout your tresses and you’re good to go!

Natural Hair: Sea salt spray

If you are a fan of a little texture when it comes to your natural hair, try sea salt spray. After a shower spritz your entire head of hair with the spray. Agitate your hair with your fingers to activate your curls. This is ultra easy and perfectly captures the effortless look that is sweeping the runways this season.