Patriotic Hair – How to Get Fesitive on the 4th!

Patriotic Hair — How to Get Fesitive on the 4th!

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The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and while you are making plans for the big day like stocking up on snacks, fireworks, and red white and blue party favors, be sure to add a patriotic hair makeover to the list while you’re at it!

Adding some color to your hair is the perfect way to show your festive spirit and there are a few ways to achieve this celebratory look. From professional all the way to DIY ideas, we are going to fill you in on the details to achieve patriotic hair.

Blue and Red Hair Extensions

An easy way to add temporary pops of red and blue hair color to your locks is by purchasing clip in extensions. This just takes a visit to your salon or local beauty supply store and a few minutes in front of the mirror. Strategically place your extensions where you want them, making sure to hide the clips under your natural hair. Once you have your extensions placed evenly throughout your hair add some loose curls to help blend and finish the look.

Patriotic Hair Dye

Making a trip to the salon for a patriotic hair coloring job is the best way to get the exact look you want. This allows you to be very precise with your style and color choices. Although this option gives you artistic freedom, it can also be limiting depending on your hair’s current color. Those with darker hair will have a different outcome than those with light hair, be sure to keep this in mind! 

Patriotic Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is certainly the most cost effective option out of the three. Like extensions, hair chalk can be purchased at most any beauty supply store. By taking the sticks of chalk and coloring the ends of your hair you can achieve patriotic hair in no time at all! Hair chalk allows you to get creative and have fun with your look for a great price.

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