Wedding Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

weddingmakeupIf you really desire that elegant and timeless look on your wedding day, you need to be careful not to spoil it with the wrong wedding makeup choices.  Here’s the inside scoop on the Do’s and Don’ts for wedding makeup on your special day.

Wedding Makeup  – DON’TS

When applying wedding makeup for your big day, it’s important to keep in mind how your makeup will look in all different lighting, including the flash of the camera!

DON’T Go Blue. As the saying goes, “something blue” could bring good luck, but not around your eyes. Unknowingly, brides wear this color all of the time. Eye shadow that is brighter than the eye color is a big no-no. Instead you want a color that contrasts the eyes which will help them “pop” on your big day. Remember, you want the features to stand out – not the wedding makeup.

DON’T – Cake it on! No we’re not talking about your wedding cake. When it comes to foundation, any kind of caking should be avoided. As a bride you want your skin to look flawless instead of heavy with foundation. You should also implement a good skincare regiment before the big day to improve your skin. This will also help you avoid a heavy caked-on wedding makeup look. A natural look always looks better in pictures and in person.

DON’T – Do Raccoon Eyes. Please don’t misunderstand the term ‘raccoon eyes.’ It actually refers to the light rings around your eyes from going nuts with concealer. Try using different colors to avoid the circles. A light salmon or a peach will look much better under the eyes.

DON’T – Do Glitter. Sometimes brides will get their wedding makeup done after getting their hair done and they’re covered in glitter. You also need to consider the flash of the cameras. Using glitter in the hair and on the face can cause awkward reflections from the flash. Something not as frosty, like a shimmer will work much better.

Wedding Makeup  – DO’Swedding make-up tips

There are several DO’S to make your look just right on your wedding day.  If you follow these guidelines, you will be stunning in person and in pictures.

DO – Match your Tone. Remember not to use a foundation darker than your skin tone. That difference in tone will stand out more, especially if you are wearing a white dress. Matching your skin tone will give a more natural, even look in pictures and in person.

DO – Go Classic. None of us want our pictures to look dated when our kids are looking at them. Big hair and blue eye shadow was big in the 80s, and if you were to see it in pictures now, you could tell it was from the 80s. Don’t fall into that trap. To avoid this dilemma, choose hair and wedding makeup that isn’t necessarily trendy, but is simple and timeless.

DO – Go Neutral. Red lipstick is a great accent, but this type of look isn’t always the best choice for your big day. Most brides choose to do wedding pictures either in color or black and white. In a black and white photo, red lipstick will look black. To avoid this look, don’t go too deep or light with lip color. Choose a nice medium tone. This wedding makeup will look better in your photos.

Wedding Makeup at Glo

We can me sure that your wedding makeup is timeless and classic. Our goal is to ensure that you look just as beautiful as you had hoped you would on your big day. Be sure to get inspired when it comes to wedding makeup looks and give us a call for an appointment.

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