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NEW! Keratin Bonded Fusion Hair Extensions by Hairtalk

HairTalk, innovators in the world of tape in hair extensions, has done it again. In a market with several options for fusion hair extensions, HairTalk set out to create a keratin bonded hair extension that could be worn longer - and by more women. And now, these new hair extensions are part of our Fusion Hair Extensions offering at Glo Salon.

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The Best Fusion Hair Extensions Service in Denver

If you’re looking to feel sexy, radiant and confident, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Let’s face it — if you’re going to trust someone with your most important asset, they better get it right. You deserve beautiful, luscious hair that makes a statement and you’ll be the talk of the town with our world class Fusion Hair Extensions. Whether you’re looking to add length, volume, thickness, color or all of the above — look no further than the best fusion hair extensions salon in Denver.

Top Quality Fusion Hair Extensions by HairTalk

These new fusion hair extensions are the same top quality you would expect from HairTalk. 100% Remy human hair with cuticle intact. Totally discreet matte bonds. A gorgeous color palette curated from the hottest colors, from natural shades to fashion colors. The hair texture is in a “body wave” texture which is suitable for almost everyone.

What's Different about HairTalk's New Fusion Extensions?

  • These keratin bonds are made to last. With proper care, these fusion extensions can be worn up to 5 months
  • Ultra-lightweight and suitable for delicate, finer hair textures
  • With 1 cm size bond, the application is very efficient. Less time in the chair.
  • Smaller attachments are available for undetectable volume, even around the face, hairline and fringe area
  • Available in all the lengths you love from their tape in extensions line … 13", 17", 21", 25" inches
  • Available in 55 shades pre-colored shades in all the hottest colors
  • Rooted and ombre shades are available for no additional cost, unlike other leading fusion hair extensions brands
  • Pre-tapered ends allow for a seamless blend into clients’ hair without sacrificing length

Unlimited Color Combinations with Pre-Colored Fusion Hair Extensions

Think about it. Hair extensions are a great way to introduce color and dimension to your hair without a chemical service. With over 55 colors to choose from within this collection of Naturals, Rooted, and Colormelts™ we can create the perfect new look. We can mix and match packs of hair to add highlights, give the look of accent foils around the face, or add pops of fashion colors. And unlike other leading fusion brands, HairTalk's ombre and rooted shades are available for no additional cost!

What is a HairTalk Certified Stylist?

Credentials make a difference and experience definitely matters! When a stylist has earned the designation of “HairTalk Certified Stylist” it means they have mastered their technique through hand-on certification courses and have been trained to learn HairTalk’s specific methodology to ensure the extensions are applied safely, every bond is secure, bonds feel comfortable for the client, and most importantly, the results are as beautiful as they are undetectable. HairTalk provides these certification courses for every type of hair extensions they offer. Part of this certification is knowing how to evaluate the client’s hair to know which type of extension is best suited for them in order to safely delivery the desired results.

We always start with a Free Hair Extensions Consultation

The first step in getting hair extensions is making sure you're getting the right type of hair extensions!  In order to do that, we need to assess your hair's condition and texture in person. We'll make sure Fusion Hair Extensions are the best option for your hair type, determine the length, thickness, color and finish needed for your desired look. We'll be able to answer any questions you may have and give you an exact price for the service.  If we don't have what we need in our inventory, we'll place your order and have your extensions prepped and ready for your appointment, or as we like to call it...your day to shine! When you have your hair extensions applied, we’ll also cut, blend and style your hair with your new extensions in so they're absolutely perfect.

Book Your FREE Hair Extensions Consultation

Fusion Hair Extensions are our signature service here at Glo, and our hair extension experts will create a recommendation based on your hair, get to know who you are and find a style that accentuates your features and personality. (If your hair is not suitable for fusion hair extensions, don’t worry as we have other options such as tape-in hair extensions or clip in hair extensions.)

Book your consultation appointment by using the online form or calling the salon.


What's the difference between fusion hair extensions and tape in extensions?

We get that question a lot!  That's why we created this short video to help answer your questions.  Watch this short, informative clip on out on our YouTube Channel!

Will Fusion Hair Extensions Cause Damage?

Are they safe? How are they removed?  These are common questions we get about fusion hair extensions. We created the video below to show you how we remove the bonds and what your hair looks like after having extensions in for several months.

Serious about getting hair extensions?  Get our Ultimate Guide.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting How Hair Extensions.

Hair Extensions are as popular as ever but it's easy to be overwhelmed by all the different methods and types available. Before getting extensions, you need to know the facts. So do your homework, ask lots of questions and make an informed decision that's best for YOU. Request a copy of our Hair Extensions Guide - it's FREE!  Just tell us where to send your download link.


faq1_pinkYou’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.

How are fusion hair extensions fitted?

Using a low heat application method, your hair extensions will be ‘fused’ to very small sections of your own natural hair using a keratinized protein bond, known as the fusion bond – ensuring your beautiful and natural look.

Will fusion hair extensions damage my hair?

There is always an element of risk when applying hair extensions which is why it is important to choose a hair extensions expert who is fully trained and experienced in the art of fusion hair extensions. Our world class team at Glo goes through rigorous training to ensure the perfect application of your fusion hair extensions.

Most people who do experience damage from hair extensions are the result of trying to remove the hair extensions without professional care OR keeping your keeping your hair extensions in too long. We’ve even had to fix poorly done extensions by others, so make sure to do your homework when you invest in your beauty!

What hair type are fusion hair extensions best for?

Fusion hair extensions are best for medium to thicker hair types. Come in for our free , no obligation consultation and we’ll determine a perfect fit for your new look!

How much do fusion hair extensions cost?

Fusion hair extension costs vary due to desired hair length, color and thickness. Prices for fusion hair extensions at Glo Extensions, Denver start at $1,000 which includes your 100% high quality human hair extensions, shipping costs, application time (between 3 to 5 hours depending on length and thickness), blended haircut, along with special hair extension shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray. Your first checkup appointment, with a wash and style a month after application is also included.

What type of hair do you use for fusion hair extensions at Glo Extensions, Denver?

We only use ethically sourced 100% human hair extensions. We have worked tirelessly to develop links with reputable hair merchants who supply 100% human hair extensions of exceptional quality. Our hair extensions are soft, shiny and are available in over 85 different color options. When looked after properly, our hair extensions are tangle free, don’t shed and retain your style and color, showcasing your unique features and style, which is why our clients absolute adore us!

What length of hair extensions do you supply?

At Glo Extensions, Denver we supply fusion hair extensions in a variety of lengths from 12 inches long to 24 inches long.

How long does it take to apply hair extensions at Glo Extensions, Denver?

Depending on your hair length, color and desired finish, fusion hair extensions at Glo Extensions in Denver take between 3 and 5 hours to apply. We take our time to ensure the perfect look, every time.

Can I have fusion hair extensions if I have fine/thinning hair?

We don’t recommend fusion hair extensions for those with fine or thinning hair, however some fusion extensions for fine hair should not be kept in for more than three months. For those with fine and thinning hair, we do supply and apply Hotheads Tape-In hair extensions which is the perfect solution for fine and thinning hair types.

Can I color my hair with fusion hair extensions?

When applying fusion hair extensions, at Glo we always strive to select a variety of hair colors for a complete, multi-tonal natural looking hairstyle. I match your hair extensions to your natural or colored hair color for the perfect blended finish. When coloring hair you can still do a root touch up or highlight your natural hair using foils. You can complete an all over hair color, including coloring your hair extensions as long as the desired finished color is darker. You can darken hair extensions but not lighten them.

Can I reuse the hair extensions once they have been removed?

No, fusion hair extensions must be professionally removed and new ones re-applied using new, high quality 100% human hair extensions.

I have my own hair extensions that I bought myself, can you fit them for me at Glo Extensions, Denver?

Unfortunately not, sorry. As a rule, we only use hair that has been carefully selected and ordered by ourselves at Glo Extensions, following years of rigorous testing and comparison. We only work with reputable hair extension merchants when ordering our high quality 100% human hair extensions.

We do this because it is the only way we can truly guarantee the quality of our work and making our clients a walking testimonial of stunning beauty!

Should I use special products with my fusion hair extensions?

Yes, as part of your hair extensions package at Glo Extensions, Denver we will supply you with an extensions shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner for your specific hair type, color and hair extensions.

5 stars png transparent 300x200 1Hair Extensions Reviews for Glo Salon in Denver

best hair extensions salon in Denver
Lindsay Brannam
I am so blessed to have found this salon and Heather!! My family just moved to Colorado from California and I have had Great Lengths extensions for over 6 years now and needed some desperate hair love!! My hair was breaking off due to chemical damage from bleach overlap and the hair on my crown was burnt off to a whopping 2 inches, if that. Fast forward to now, 3 weeks later and I have been completely transformed and could not love my hair more! I can actually wear my hair down again and my confidence has been restored!! My luscious locks look EXACTLY like the photo I showed Heather of what I wanted!! (Better, actually!) Heather took her time on my hair down to every last detail and really cared the whole way through.
best hair extensions salon in Denver
Katelind Robitello
Brittanie provided the BEST hair experience I have ever had. Never going anywhere else - ever!!! Gorgeous cut/color, precisely what I wanted.
best hair extensions salon in Denver
Jenna McNamar
Finally got my long mermaid color extensions that I have been dreaming about from Heather! The experience was fantastic, and pain free. Heather is so good at what she does and is all about what the client wants! I am loving my long locks and am definetely going to be addicted! Thanks to Heather and the Glo team!

Best Fusion Hair Extensions in Denver

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