Avoid Hair Dye From a Box

Avoid Hair Dye from a box over processed







1. Avoid Hair Dye From a Box:  One size does not fit all

When using hair dye from a box what you see is usually not what you end up getting. When you apply box dye, your end result is going to vary depending on your current hair color. Box dye is developed to serve as a color “blanket” so to speak so that it appeals to those with just about every hair color. This concept of one-size fits all is absurd and does not work because well…everyone is different. You cannot start with red hair and expect to pour black hair dye over your head and look like the woman on the outside of the box.

2. Avoid Hair Dye From a BoxYou hair will feel like straw 

The dye that comes out of the box is extremely harsh, and for most of us non-stylists we are unsure about how long to leave the dye on or how long to let it process. Basically, when you use box dye you are putting a poorly formulated chemical on your hair and letting it damage your locks. This is why your end result is usually crunchy and straw-like. Your best bet is to make a trip to your stylist who has access to quality products that will serve your hair well.

3. Avoid Hair Dye From a Box: The damage is EXPENSIVE to reverse

Once you have realized that you’ve made a huge mistake by using box hair dye, seek professional assistance to reverse the effects as soon as you can. Warning: be prepared to spend a significant amount of money and at least 4 hours if not more in the salon chair. Box dye is very hard to get out of the hair, and it takes serious brainpower and skill on your stylist’s part to salvage your damaged tresses.

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Avoid Hair Dye from a box: Make an appt with a professional today! 

Posted for GloExtensions by Taylor E. Hensel 

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