5 Reasons To Get Great Lengths Tape-in Hair Extensions

Whether you’re already a devotee of the magic of hair extensions when it comes to glam, or you’re new to it all and want to try them, Great Lengths Tape-In Hair Extensions are in high-demand for our extensions regulars here in Denver.

We love extensions at Glo – so we offer a variety of hair extension options for you to choose from: fusion extensions (longer lasting extensions), clip-in (temporary extensions), and tape-in (a happy middle, time-wise). Our clients love tape-in hair extensions because of how they add a serious punch to the naturally beautiful and effortless look: if you want thick hair that’s full of volume, tape-in extensions bring it. Many new clients trying extensions for the first time opt for tape-in because they’re less of a commitment and the installation and removal process isn’t time-consuming. Our extensions ‘devotees’ swear by them. Their number one reason? The way they feel wearing them.

Soooo….if you’re considering getting extensions, here are the 5 big reasons why our customers love Great Lengths tape-in Hair Extensions:

1.Great Lengths Tape-In Hair Extensions are True Quality

You go to great lengths to look great, so to us — it only makes sense that the products you use should also go to great lengths to deliver the quality results you’re looking for. Great Lengths first entered the world of hair extensions back in London in the early 1990’s – and since, they’ve been producing high-end hair extensions crafted with 100% human hair.

The extensions are 100% invisible, the color is seamless, and the strands are strong: they keep the important cuticle layer intact throughout each individual entire hair shaft. Because of the attachment process and the quality of the extensions, brushing Great Lengths hair extensions is fast, simple, and easy as brushing your natural hair. tape-ins offer a truly natural look because they sit flush against your head; unlike other types of extensions with thick bases that may stick out a bit

2. Great Lengths Tape-In Hair Extensions are for Everyone

Glo ExtensionsWe’ve had customers with fine and/or thin hair who’ve come to us unsure about extensions after previous negative experiences. Not all types of extensions offered will work for fine or thin hair — but Great Lengths tape-in extensions work wonders. Our customers of all hair types can all get the same exact results from these tape-in extensions — without worrying about any problems in attachment or fullness. If you do have thinner hair, you may want the appearance of fuller hair without a full head of extensions: with tape-ins, you can even do a single-sided installation.

These extensions will thicken your hair, regardless of how thin or thick it already is, and give it the volume you want. Because these extensions are 100% invisible, your look with Great Lengths tape-ins will always be 100% natural. Plus – if you have damaged hair, you can rest easy because these tape-ins are designed to avoid damage and breakage.

3. Great Lengths Tape-In Hair Extensions are Versatile

For too long, hair extensions meant compromising on your ideal look because you had to choose from what was available to you. Sure you could have full, long hair…but the color and the length may not have been just right for you. We love to delight our customers with all of the options we can give them…

With Great Lengths, you don’t need to define your beauty goals by the extensions available to you, instead you create the exact look you want with Great Lengths. How long would you like your style? Great Lengths tape-in extensions come in four different length options: 25 cm, 35 cm, 45 cm, and 55 cm. What about color? You name it, Great Lengths has it. The extensions are offered in 40 different colors and blends of colors (pastels and ombres) such as ‘Blorange’ and ‘Bronde’. Further, Great Lengths tape-ins give stylists the ability to maximize where extensions are placed — which gives you a far more natural look.

4. Great Lengths Tape-In Hair Extensions are Easy

Tape-in hair extensions, particularly the Great Lengths tape-ins, are a go-to because of how easily they fit into your everyday life. If time is an issue for you and you don’t want to be stuck in a stylist’s chair for hours on end, these are a solution.

They are easy to both apply and to remove — which shaves hours off the process of getting extensions and getting them removed. Depending upon what you want, the time for getting tape-in extensions can be under an hour. If hair damage and/or breakage has been a problem for you, Great Lengths tape-in extensions are an excellent choice. Great Lengths actually have a patented method that bonds extensions on the molecular level, ensuring a gentle but secure attachment (aka you feel great and you don’t have to stress over ‘loose ends’). These extensions make it far less likely that hair damage will occur during application, removal, and everyday use.

5. Great Lengths Tape-In Hair Extensions are a Great Choice if You’re New to Extensions

If you haven’t experienced the freedom of hair extensions yet, Great Lengths tape-in Extensions will not disappoint. When you choose Great Lengths and a Great Lengths salon, you are getting quality extensions crafted with the finest hair and methods that are just as luxurious as any other kind of extension. Installation and removal is easy and hassle-free — and everyday care is simple. You will get a natural look that blends in seamlessly with your personal style. Regardless of your particular hair type or hair situation, with Great Lengths at Denver Glo, you can experience the fullness and glamour that’s driving the popularity of hair extensions today.

Bottomline? If you’re thinking about trying extensions — or already know and love your extensions but want more options — Great Lengths tape-ins are a product we can’t recommend enough. With tape-in hair extensions from Great Lengths and Glo, you get the quality results you need, the naturally glamorous look you want — and the flexibility and an ease-of-use that makes hair extensions a sustainable option that’s easy to maintain if you’re on the go. Local to the Denver area and you’re ready to give your look a pick-me-up? Give us a call or book your extensions appointment now.

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