Expert Grey Hair Transitioning

Whether you call it grey hair transitioning, graceful grey, or silver fox hair color, the trend of embracing your natural salt and pepper hair  - or a full head of grey - has gained momentum. Many women are ready to let their grey hair grow in, but if they've been coloring it regularly, the transition can be challenging.

NO color or bleach was used for this 2 step transformation. Read on to learn how we did it - chemical free.

Transitioning to grey is not as easy as it sounds!

It sounds so simple, but "just letting it grow in" isn't very practical for the style conscious woman. Once you stop touching up your roots, there will be a big contrast between the new growth and the previously colored strands, even bigger if your hair is dark. If you chop off your hair, you're sacrificing your length just for the color. Do we resort to wearing a hat or scarf all the time?

Thankfully, there are a few ways we can intervene and help the process along using hair color or hair extensions.

Transitional grey using expert hair color

Transitioning to grey hair has evolved into a nuanced and technical art form. Heather will essentially study your salt and pepper pattern, remove any pigment or previous hair dyes, then create a custom blend of shades and pigments for a harmonious transition. This is quite a lengthy process as it involves multiple, back-to-back color services depending on the color and length of your hair. The stylist will need to see about 6 inches of untouched roots, and the client will spend a full day in the chair, possibly two.

If you don't have the patience or budget for this highly technical color service, or if you can't allow 6 inches of grey roots, there is another way.

Transitional grey using hair extensions

Heather at Glo Salon has a lot of experience with grey hair transitioning using only hair extensions. This method produces gorgeous results without the brutal bleaching process. Even if you plan to take the hair color route, hair extensions are a practical way to bridge the gap between now and the day you reach 6 inches of new growth.

The client featured above recently came to Heather for help. She had an upcoming appointment with a celebrity stylist and was eagerly growing out her 6 inches of roots. But she was tired of the big contrast, what she called "skunk hair." She wasn't comfortable wearing her hair down but felt it looked worse if she wore it up, so she was literally hiding under a hat.

Using only hair extensions, Heather added 3 bundles of Great Lengths Salt and Pepper and 3 bundles of Great Lengths Platinum Silver as the first phase. Her grey roots were completely concealed and she had some pops of silver highlights. Right away, she could wear her hair up because the bonds are so discreet. In the second phase, she came back in for more Platinum Silver highlights to lighten up her look all over.  All done with hair extensions, no hair color service, with the added benefit of fuller hair!

Other salt and pepper clients

Heather has helped many other clients at various stages of their grey hair blending and transitioning. If you're thinking about making the leap, please book a free consultation. Learn more about our grey hair transitioning services here.