Hair color and Skin Tone: How to Match Yours

Contrary to popular belief, hair color and skin tone go hand in hand. Depending on your natural skin pigmentation there are certain hair color and skin tone variations that tend to bring out your natural beauty more so than others, unless you are Rachel McAdams… she looks amazing with every hair color.

 Hair Color and Skin Tone: Rachel McAdams


For most of us, it is essential to stick to certain hair colors in order to look our very best. The perfect hair color will not only complement your skin tone and allow your best facial features pop, and it can also help you look younger. However if you get it wrong, you could end up looking washed out, tired, and very unnatural.

When you alter your hair color, it lifts the outer color and reveals the natural underlying pigments, or highlights, in the hair. This concept helps when thinking about the colors you should stick to because what comes out naturally is the best indication of what suits you best, just think about the colors that the sun turns your hair during mid-summer months. If you are looking to stay with a natural look try and stick to these natural tones and you won’t go wrong.

Your skin tone also contains these underlying pigments much like your hair. So, if you were born with black or brown hair, it is likely that you will have warmer and earthy undertones in your skin like yellow, brown, gold. If you were born with blonde hair, you most likely have cooler skin undertones like blue, green, pink.

Hair Color and Skin Tone: Warmer Undertones

Those with warmer undertones in their skin will tend to look better with a warmer hair colors.

Hair Color and Skin Tone: Cooler Undertones

Equally, those with cooler undertones in their skin will tend to look better with cooler hair colors.



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Hair Color and Skin Tone Examples

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