Clip In Hair Extensions at Glo Extensions in Denver

Dreaming of beautiful hair that's ready for anything?  Then you'll LOVE the instant gratification of Clip In Hair Extensions! When you have big event, a special occasion, or just need to sparkle on a moment's notice, you'll be able to create a stunning new look instantly, with customized, premium Clip In Hair Extensions from Glo Extensions Denver.  Looking for Clip In Toppers (clip in top of head pieces)? We've got you covered.  View our Wigs & Clip-in Toppers Services page.

Clip In Hair Extensions Denver

Clip In Extensions: Your Secret Weapon for Great Hair Every Day!

Our premium clip in hair extensions here at Glo Salon in Denver give our clients the flexibility to add length and volume whenever they want.  Our clip in hair extensions are high quality 100% human hair extensions which means they will look natural, they won't tangle and they'll last and last.  We will match your hair to the extensions and teach you how to apply and remove them! No guesswork, no botched applications, no cheap materials — that's the difference at Glo.

Clip In Extensions: Temporary and Reusable.

Clip in extensions are designed for short term wear and should be removed before swimming and bathing, and to avoid tangling, should be removed before bed. Because these hair extensions clip right in, they can easily be removed and reapplied time and time again.  When you come to Glo Extensions Denver Salon for a consultation, we’ll explore all aspects of your lifestyle to determine exactly which clip ins are best for you. 

Our Clip In Extensions Match Your Hair Perfectly!

At Glo Extensions Denver, we have access to nearly 100 pre-colored options so we can find the perfect match. Clip in extensions are also a great way to add pops of color, highlights, lowlights or even balayage without coloring your natural hair.  Of course , we can also color or highlight your natural hair, but with so many options, we probably won't need to! We ensure your perfect look every step of the way, and having your extensions blend with your natural hair is vital.

Why Glo is the BEST salon for Clip-in Hair Extensions in Denver

We always start with a Free Hair Extensions Consultation so that we can assess your hair's condition and texture.  We'll verify that Clip In Hair Extensions are the best option for your hair type and determine the length, thickness, color and finish needed for your desired look. We'll answer any questions you may have and give you an exact price for the service.  Our stylist will show you exactly how to apply and remove your clip in hair extensions so that you can recreate the look at home whenever you want!

Here’s Exactly What You Get With Our Premium Extensions:

  • A stunning look matching your natural color with premium extensions
  • The finest quality human hair extensions on the market
  • Glossy, healthy, radiant hair your girlfriends will love
  • Non shedding, tangle free and perfect for adding length and volume
  • You'll learn how to apply and remove them yourself!

...and best of all: without upkeep, maintenance or long-term commitment.

Glo has Endless Options for Clip-in Hair Extensions

We offer so many different lengths, textures, sizes and shades, in both single pieces and kits, which we can mix and match.  We have endless pre-colored options to choose from or we can do a custom color. Here are some popular examples:

  • Available in lengths from 14, 18, 20, 22 and now 26 inches!
  • Each pack has 7-10 pieces depending on the length
  • Pre-colored in rooted shades, ombre hair and solid and two toned (highlighted)
  • Straight, wavy and curly textures available

Clip-in Ponytail or Bangs

Use clip in extensions to add an instant removable ponytail, create volume and length for a classic bun or updo, add fringe or side swept bangs!  All without the commitment.

  • Clip In Ponytail: A fun look for a classic high or low ponytail.
  • Clip In Bang: 5 inch long bang with 9 inch face framing fringe.

With so many options to choose from, finding the exact right type of clip in extensions is a snap when you come to Glo Salon in Denver. You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t even have to choose one type. You can have a whole wardrobe of amazing extensions to play with every day of the week if you want.

Get Started with a FREE Hair Extensions Consultation

Our expert hair extensions consultations are valued at $50, and it's on us. No obligations. Completely free of charge. Why? We do this to to make sure that you have a solid knowledge about hair extensions and what you can expect, what they will look like and how it fits into your budget.

Book Your FREE Hair Extensions Consultation

Clip In Hair Extensions are very popular here at Glo, and our hair experts will create a recommendation based on your hair, get to know who you are and find a style that accentuates your features and personality. (If your hair is not suitable for clip in hair extensions, don’t worry as we have other options such as fusion hair extensions or tape in hair extensions.)

Book your consultation appointment by using the online form or calling the salon.


Do clip in hair extensions look natural?

Clip-in extensions are a gorgeous option to add length and/or fullness to your natural hair. We'll show you the trick to applying them so they look fabulous every time! No one will even know you’re wearing clip in hair extensions. Because our clip in extensions are premium quality and color matched to blend in with your hair, they will look completely natural.  And if you feel like sharing that fact, no one will believe it! The best part is that clip in extensions are comfortable, durable, and more affordable than you might think. With healthy shine, length and volume, all your girlfriends will be jealous.

Just look at some of our beautiful Glo Salon guests:

Watch the Clip In Hair Extensions Application Process

Here’s How Clip-In Extensions Work. Clip In Extensions are removable hair extensions that have a small clip sewn onto the hair extension weft, allowing for amazing flexibility.

How to Avoid Looking Like You're Wearing Cheap Extensions

In the end, it's not how much you paid, but how fabulous you look!  When considering the options for clip in extensions, make sure you start with a quality product.

Start with Quality Hair Extensions

The last thing you want is extensions that tangle up and look like plastic doll hair. If you buy synthetic hair, that's exactly what will happen and they won't blend in with your natural hair.

With all of our clip in extensions at Glo Extensions Denver, you don’t have to worry about quality. Every line we carry is top quality. Our clip in extensions are made of human hair from India.  They won't tangle, frizz or shed.  They will behave like real hair because they ARE real hair.

Learn How to Apply Them Like a Pro

We’re going to show you exactly how to install and remove your clip ins. They attach in an instant thanks to the small clip sewn onto each weft. The bonds are strong and secure, so that your clips stay attached to weft for a long time. That's another reason why quality is hugely important here. What good are your hair extensions if the clips break off! Buying the best you can afford is the way to go for this type of hair extensions.

Take Proper Care of Your Extensions

We’ll send you home with instructions so that you know exactly what your hair extensions can and cannot do. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable handling them from start to finish.  If you treat them right, they'll be a part of your hair extensions wardrobe for a long time!

Choose Your Extensions Salon Wisely

Don’t trust a salon that doesn’t specialize in Hair Extensions. At Glo Extensions Denver, hair extensions are our main service and we’re proud to have gone through the countless hours of professional training to make your extensions look beautiful.  We are educated by Great Lengths and HairTalk and have the elite status of being a Great Lengths Platinum Certified Salon as well as a HairTalk certified salon.

Serious about getting hair extensions?  Get our Ultimate Guide.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting How Hair Extensions.

Hair Extensions are as popular as ever but it's easy to be overwhelmed by all the different methods and types available. Before getting extensions, you need to know the facts. So do your homework, ask lots of questions and make an informed decision that's best for YOU. Request a copy of our Hair Extensions Guide - it's FREE!  Just tell us where to send your download link.


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