Types of Hair Extensions at Glo Salon in Denver


Types of Hair Extensions at Glo Salon in Denver

Every head of hair is different! Depending on your hair's density, thickness, texture and length, some of the hair extensions that we offer at Glo Salon may be better suited for you than others. We offer at least 4 types of hair extensions, which vary by attachment method, to give your hair that luxurious length, color and volume you desire. Hair that gets noticed. The hair of your dreams!

Clip Ins & HairBand Extensions

Clip in extensions are a temporary and unique way to change up your hair length and style. We offer Glo clip-ins and HairTalk. We can fit you with a number of clip in panels or we can fit your for a full clip in hair piece. The slip-on styles such as HairTalk's HairBand are also great options. Clip in extensions are a versatile way to get longer hair, fuller hair without the commitment. It’s just that simple. Change up your hair on a daily basis with clip in extensions. We are happy to color match you and order your hair, whether you choose to have us install it for you. Brides are welcome to take their new clip-ins to the wedding day stylist.

Clip in Hair Extensions Gallery

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions require a little more maintenance and commitment than clip ins, but they can last about six to eight months in total. You’ll need to come in about every six weeks to freshen them up. What happens at your tape in extensions maintenance appointment at Glo Extensions Denver? The glue is dissolved and replaced and wefts are moved up and attached close to your scalp. Your hair is clarified, washed, and styled to make sure that your tape ins look the absolute best they can be. The main type of tape in extension we offer at Glo is HairTalk

Tape-In Hair Extensions Gallery

Keratin Bond Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion extensions usually last about three to six months with the proper care, but don’t require any move-ups. We also call these beauties, “strand by strand” extensions and they are attached to the hair with a tiny keratin bond. Most people find they need to be fully replaced and redone every four months on average. These are great for those who truly desire a lot of exceptional length and fullness, but they also work well for thicker hair too. The main type of fusion extensions we offer is Great Lengths Extensions and HairTalk Keratin Bonded Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions Gallery

Weft Extensions with a Hidden Beaded Row

Also called hand tied extensions, our weft extensions use a hidden beaded row method, a sew in application. First tiny beads are attached to the hair, then wefts of hair are sewn onto each bead with a needle and thread. In a hidden beaded row application, wefts are attached above and below the bead to conceal it, making your bonds invisible. The main type of hair we use for our hand tied extensions are HairTalk Wefts and Coco Marie Extensions, offering hair in up to 28 inch lengths. 

Hand Tied Hair Extensions Gallery

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, Great Lengths is in a league of their own. Their quality is exceptional and their pricing reflects that. We have studied rigorously to be considered a Great Lengths Certified Extensions Salon.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Gallery

Toppers & Wigs

We carry human hair lace wigs, fun fashion wigs and clip in hair toppers. These aren't your typical wigs and hair pieces. You’ll be matched with the right color, fit, style and texture. It's no wonder wigs and toppers are becoming so popular at Glo Salon.

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