Fall Hair Color: Change It Up For the Season

Fall Hair Color: Change It Up For the Season


Fall Hair Color: Dye It

Dyeing your hair dark for the chilly months is not a new trend, however it is a classic and fitting look for most everyone. Giving your hair a break from the bleach and highlights is always a great idea during the fall and winter. If you are unsure how to get started darkening your locks, here are some starters that might give you the boost you need to take the fall hair color plunge.


Fall Hair Color: Know Your Skin Tone

Determine whether your skin tone is “cool” or “warm.” If you are not sure what your skin tone is, check out our blog post, Hair color and Skin Tone: How to Match Yours.

Keep things looking as natural as possible by staying within two shades of your natural color.
If you’re covering gray, make sure you choose a color that’s designed to do just that.

If you are not quite prepared to dye your entire head of hair try working on the ends first for an Ombré look and slowly cover your entire head as the months go on.

Now is a great time to embrace change by going darker, even if that means by just a few shades!

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