The Best Way to Grow In Your Grey?

If you've been following our blog and our newsletters, you know that Grey Hair Transitioning is a popular topic. And you know there are two ways to approach growing out your grey hair. You can conceal your grey with hair extensions, or you can go grey all the way with some aggressive hair color services. So when clients ask us "what's the best way to do this" there's no surprise when Heather says that it's really a mix of the two that's going to be that happy medium for both you and your hair. Here's why.

The Truth About Grey Hair Color Services

It's going to take time.

Getting you to grey means getting you to a blank canvas, so we're stripping your hair of all dyes and pigment which involves many chemical services which also takes time. These chemical services often 8-10 hours, or it can take even longer, depending the history of your hair color. It's not a one-and-done thing. Don't expect to pop in with dark hair and some grey roots and walk out a silver fox on the same day. The color process is not that simple for a grey hair transition.

The bleaching process will be harsh.

Going the hair color route will be brutal on your hair, and there's no way around it. Cutting corners or not lifting the hair to a pale white canvas could leave your hair could looking greenish, splotchy or muddy in appearance.

Be prepared for lots of toning afterwards.

All those stunning grey hair pics online are shot with a ton of filters in order to make the grey hair look super white. Your hair will be chemically grey, and susceptible to yellowing from heat styling, styling products, or dulling the from water. So be prepared to return to the salon every 2 weeks for toning until your natural hair color completely grows in. You'll also need to use the recommended styling products at home such as K18, one of which will be a deep conditioner.

Let hair extensions ease you through the transition.

Extensions will spare your hair some of that chemical damage. If you've got medium to longer hair and want to preserve your length, then a blended approach of hair extensions now and hair color later is the optimal way to go. This client's journey is a great example.

She recently came to Heather for help, determined to let her grey roots grow in but hated the big contrast, what she called "skunk hair." Over a period of 8 months, Heather worked with her on a transition plan. The client really was already growing in roots several months but was eager to go the hair color route when the time was right. At first, using only hair extensions, Heather added 3 bundles of Great Lengths Salt and Pepper and 3 bundles of Great Lengths Platinum Silver. For the second phase, when the client was ready to visualize herself with lighter hair all over, Heather added more Platinum Silver highlights to lighten up her look all over. This was all accomplished with Great Lengths Extensions. Chemical-free color with the added benefit of fuller hair!

Next came the color phase. After we removed her hair extensions, the client underwent two full days of back to back color services to remove all the previous hair day from her hair along with any remaining natural pigment. Then with a pale white canvas, Heather and her team began to add highlights and lowlights, creating a natural salt and pepper pattern that mimicked her roots, followed by a toner formulated for platinum and silver hair.

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Stop hiding under a hat!

If you're thinking about making the leap, please book a free consultation with Heather. She'll discuss the process, discuss the different methods, and determine which one is best for your hair. She'll answer any questions you may have and color match your hair while you're in the salon. SEeing your hair in person and knowing which method to use, she'll be able to give you an exact price for the service.

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Looking for Grey Hair Transitioning Service in Denver?

"If you are someone who is navigating a tricky hair transition, the Glo Extensions team is for you. They listen, they care, they advise, and they are with you every step of the way. Let me explain: With my own grey hair transition from 30 years of dark brown dye to natural light silver, the team and I have been navigating a challenging “grow out” process together. First, we started with salt and pepper hair extensions to make the initial phase of my grow out tolerable, then we advanced to hair lightening services when the natural growth was a bit longer, and finally we've moved into maintenance mode with regular hair toning to keep the color bright and as close to my natural silver through the remainder of my grow out process. Every step of the way, the team has been and remains there for me with their expertise, patience, and "can do” spirit. I can’t say enough good things about Heather, Jaylah, and Jordan.  They are my team!"

-G.Z. Grey Hair Transitioning Client