Hair extensions: Spring Break Edition

Hair extensions: Spring Break Edition

Hair extensions are not always easy to care for when you are on the go. That is why we are sharing the best tips we have to offer when it comes to caring for your extensions while on vacation.

Spring break is upon us, and odds are you are setting off on a tropical vacation! If you are bringing your extensions along, you should keep reading!

Hair extensions: cleaning

When you are on your trip, be sure to keep your extensions as clean as possible. That means avoid dunking your hair extensions in salt water. Try and keep them debris free as well. When you are cleaning them shampoo gently using extension safe shampoo.

Hair extensions: de-tangling

Apply a leave in conditioner after shampooing for extra care. This will help you get rid of any tangles you may have. Use a loop brush to gently work through the knots in your hair. To avoid tangling while you sleep it is a good idea to wrap your hair with a satin scarf to prevent friction.

Treat your hair extensions with care on your vacation and come home with luscious flowing locks. We can help you get ready for your trip. Stop by our salon to stock up on all the products you need to keep your tresses looking lovely and healthy.