Hair Extensions on Short Hair

Even with short hair, you can get hair extensions.

Many women desire long, Rapunzel-like hair but they have trouble growing their own hair or just don't have the patience for getting there. Especially if they currently wear a short hairstyle. No need to daydream about long hair anymore. At Glo Extensions, you can instantly change your look and explore various medium length and long hairstyles.

Do Hair Extensions Work on Really Short Hair?

YES. As long as you have hair that is 3 inches in length, then hair extensions can be applied. The type of hair extensions used (clip-in, tape-in, or fusions) will depend on the texture and condition of your hair. Remember the goal is to mimic your natural hair and at Glo Extensions, that's where our expertise really shines. 

Glo Clients with short-to-long hair transformations

As you can see, we have expertise in apply extensions to hair of all types and textures, even curly hair, fragile hair and thin hair.

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If you are inspired and would like to add some length, volume and fullness to your short hair, call the hair extensions experts in Denver, CO to request a free hair extensions consultation.  Glo Salon is the premier hair extensions salon and we specialize in applying, cutting and coloring hair extensions to blend them in with your natural hair.

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