Hair Extensions: Getting Creative With Color

Hair Extensions come in colors!

pink hair extensionsAfter Color 3Here are a few pictures by Heather Occhionero, Founder GloExtensions Denver, of her recent clients who wanted colored extensions!

Expressing your creativity and style through your hair extensions can be so much fun, even some of the biggest celebs are doing it! From Katy Perry to Demi Lovato, getting a bit crazy with colored hair extensions seems to be a whimsical trend that’s sweeping Hollywood. One of the most alluring qualities about extensions is that they are not permanent. This allows you to take risks and have some fun without being stuck doing long-term damage control. And it’s easy to pull off this look with the right hair extensions stylist!

Taking your natural hair color into consideration when choosing your wacky and wild colored extensions is a must. Some colors will be more flattering than others depending on if you are a blonde, brunette, or redhead. For example, green doesn’t tend to do blonde hair justice but light pink extensions would work really well.

Depending on the type of hair extensions you choose to use, your color palette could be endless! Clip-in extensions are the best option if you are looking for some serious color variation, you could even go with a different color every day of the week! If you are learning towards a more blended and steady color throughout your hair, tape-in or fusions hair extensions are ideal.

Making your hairstyle all your own can be truly fantastic!  Your hair extensions professional can help you decide which colors will look best on you, and offer advice on how to integrate color into your style.  And remember, although those hot pink hair extensions are a temporary fashion accessory, you should never try to remove hair extensions yourself without the guidance of your hair extension stylist.