How A Glo Extensions Consultation Works

Here at Glo Extensions Salon we offer a special service. It’s our complimentary consultation. It’s truly an important step to take if you are unsure about what kind of extensions will work best for your hair. The way that it usually goes is by first making the appointment for your consultation. Feel free to call us at the salon or visit our website contact page for details.

The Consultation

The consultation itself will usually last about 30-45 minutes. When you first come in, you’ll fill out a comprehensive form that will help us get to know you a little bit better and your total hair wishes are laid out. The time it takes for the full consultation gives you and our stylist a chance to really explore how the hair extensions will work in your hair, what type is best, and general maintenance questions you may have about starting the process. There are a ton of different options to explore, including tape in, clip in, fusion or strand extensions, and hand tied wefts. The point is that this appointment is vital to getting you exactly what you want. We’ll even go over your lifestyle to find out exactly how your dream extensions will play into that. We record everything so that you can make a fully informed decision and we’ll always be able to reference what we’ve gone over with you on the road to getting those treasured extensions.

We Custom Order Your Hair

Can You Color Your Hair With Extensions In? - Glo Extensions Denver SalonDepending on what type you choose, the hair is custom ordered for you. That way you’re getting exactly what you need for the extension process. Keep in mind an appointment for tape in extensions usually lasts two to three hours, with five or six being allotted for fusion extensions.

We Provide The Exact Cost

We’ll also lay out the exact price of the extensions and process for you, so you can get your deposit ready and decide if you want to go ahead with the extensions process. No pressure here, but we’ll give you time if you need to decide what’s right for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Make Your Consultation Appointment Anytime  

We’re always ready and able to book that first consultation appointment for you, when you’re ready to start the extensions process. Call our front desk staff to book with any of our talented stylists, who are more than happy to show you everything extensions at Glo Denver Salon can do for your look.