Hair Care in Pregnancy from Glo Extensions Hair Salon, Denver, Colorado

During pregnancy your body goes through some dramatic changes, but one of the most unexpected changes can be to your hair.

Although you might be sporting a fabulous glow on the outside, some days pregnancy symptoms can leave you feeling pretty awful on the inside. Can pregnancy change your hair? You bet! But with these changes you can still look and feel great! Come and talk to the professionals at Glo Extensions Hair Salon in Denver for advice on hair care when pregnant.

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Can I Color My Hair when Pregnant?

During this special time in a woman’s life she wants to look as beautiful as she feels, but most Moms to be prefer to wait until the second trimester before coloring their hair. It is often asked whether it is safe to color your hair whilst pregnant? According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) it is fairly safe to use chemicals if contact to the scalp is limited. You could opt for a few highlights or lowlights, these treatments are less likely to come into contact with your scalp, creating fewer chemical fumes. Speak to your Glo Extensions hair stylist and ask for some professional advice on coloring your hair when pregnant.

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Hair Problems during Pregnancy

Due to rising levels of estrogen during pregnancy your hair may become much thicker and more luxurious, some women find that their hair may become drier, oilier, greyer, curlier or even straighter! Whatever happens to your hair during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby, there are simple ways to cope with problem pregnancy hair as simple as using the right shampoo or conditioner for your hair type. Some new Moms experience some hair loss after childbirth, this is usually minimal and once your hormones return to normal so will your hair return to its former glory!

Come and talk to one of our expert stylists at Glo Extensions Hair Salon to find out how to cope with your hair during pregnancy.

Hairstyles for pregnant women and new Moms

You may feel you need a change of hairstyle during pregnancy, but ask yourself ‘is this the right time’ for a change of style? Remember your hormones are ‘up and down’, so speak to your hair stylist before you decide on any drastic hairstyle change during pregnancy. If your hair is long, try it up in a plait or a ponytail or experiment with pretty slides, you can easily experiment with different ways of putting your hair up and still look great.

You may decide to go for a short low maintenance hairstyle, these styles are great for busy new Moms. Speak to your Glo Extensions hair stylist first on the options available to you.

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