7 Hot Holiday Party Hairstyles

Check out these fantastic Holiday Party hairstyle ideas from Glo…

Tis the Season for Holiday parties! Whether you want to impress your co-workers, flirt with the office hottie or just feel sexy and confident, you can create any of these hot holiday party hairstyle ideas in just a few easy steps. Book in for your holiday party hairstyle at our hair salon in Denver.

Kim Kardashian Holiday Party Hairstyle: Big Bun

To get the big bun holiday party hairstyle look flip your head forward, smooth you hair down with a thick bristle brush, take an elastic band and tie it securely at the crown of your head and then flip your head back up. Take the ponytail and twist it all the way to the end. Wrap the ponytail in a circular motion into a bun. Then secure the bun with bobby pins and hairspray.

 Elle McPherson Holiday Party Hairstyle: Long, Soft Waves

To achieve long, soft waves for a glamorous holiday party hairstyle first apply a volumizing mousse to your hair.  Then blow-dry. Mist a two-inch section and wrap it around a large curling iron. Curl the whole head and then run a brush through your hair to create the soft waves.

Carly Rae-Jespen Holiday Party Hairstyle: Blunt Bangs

You can pull off blunt bangs… if you have a diamond, oblong or oval face shape.

To ensure your blunt bangs always look great, distribute a small amount of straightening balm evenly through your bangs. Next use a paddle brush to help get your bangs super straight. Clip all of your hair back so that only your bangs are left out. Position your bangs evenly in your brush and pull them forward.

Use a hair dryer to blow-dry from your roots to your ends, keeping the tension consistent with your hairbrush. Distribute the heat evenly from your blow-dryer over the whole section of your hair. Repeat until your bangs are dry. If needed, you can also run a hair straightener through your bangs to make sure they are nice and flat for this perfect holiday party hairstyle.

 Mila Kunis Holiday Party Hairstyle: Loose Waves

For loose waves spray damp hair with a setting spray and roll two-inch sections in Velcro rollers. Let them set for about 15 minutes, take the rollers out and run a wide tooth comb through them.

Carrie Underwood Holiday Party Hairstyle: Sleek Side Ponytail

To pull off the sleek side ponytail Put a tiny dab of shine drops through your strands, decide which side you want your ponytail on and your part will go on the opposite side. Tease your hair at the crown for a little volume, sweep your hair over to one side and loosely secure with a holiday Christmas bow for some seasonal cheer.

Sienna Miller Holiday Party Hairstyle: Deep Side-Part

For a glamorous deep side part on one side of your head, take a comb from your front hairline to the middle of your head straight back. Smooth your hair on each side of the part then flat iron or for a different look curl the bottom.

Eva Longoria Holiday Party Hairstyle: Side-Swept Bangs

For beautiful side swept bangs start with wet hair and run a smoothing cream through it. Blow dry your bangs with a round brush or paddle brush directed towards the side you want them to be swept. Run a texture cream through the ends to give it a more piecey look.

Holiday Party Hairstyles at Glo

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