Salt & Pepper Transformations

Embracing your natural grey hair is not as straightforward as it sounds. Just "letting them grow in" isn't very practical for the style conscious woman. Once you stop coloring your roots, you'll likely have a striking contrast...for as long as it takes! You could cut your hair, but then why sacrifice your length just for the color! But there is another way with a transitional grey hair expert.

silver fox hair color grey hair transitioning denver

Grey Hair Transitioning Services at Glo Extensions Salon in Denver

Glo founder and master colorist, Heather Occhionero, has helped transition many clients at various stages of their grey hair journey. She has a lot of experience with mimicking your natural salt and pepper pattern using hair color, or creating custom color blend using only hair extensions. So don't hide under a hat. If you're thinking about making the leap, please book a free consultation. Read on to learn the two different methods Heather has perfected to bring your hair from drab to fab.

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Transitioning to Grey with Hair Color

Transitioning from colored hair to natural-looking grey is a definitely a technical art form. Awareness for this service has greatly increased due to some celebrity stylists posting on social media. But fame is not required - you need a stylist who is highly skilled with hair color, who will take the time to do it right. Working with at least 6 inches of virgin roots, Heather will study your salt and pepper pattern, remove any pigment or previous hair dyes, then create a custom blend of shades for a harmonious look all over.

This service cannot be rushed. Removing all dyes and pigment to get your hair to a blank canvas takes time and several steps. Cutting corners or not lifting the hair to a pale white canvas could leave your hair could looking greenish, splotchy or muddy in appearance. So you'll need to have patience, trust the process, because they will back to back color services. You can spread them over multiple visits or you can spend a full day in the chair and tackle it all at once.

salt and pepper grey hair transitions by heather glo salon

For this client, Heather examine her new growth and followed her natural salt and pepper pattern. She added lowlights in a darker silver shade to create dimension, then added an icey platinum color that mimicked her natural grey. No extensions were used on this client, that's all her natural hair!

salt and pepper grey hair blending with hair color denver

Keep in mind Heather is going to adapt your look based your natural color and greying pattern. If you're a blonde with only a little "salt" you won't suddenly look grey or silver all over. This client is the perfect example of easing in grey hair on blonde hair.  The perfect transitional color removes the overly warm tones and is dimensional blonde with silver or icey platinum highlights. Now her grey hair can grow in untouched and blend in with the rest of her hair.

Transitional grey using hair extensions

If you don't have the patience or budget for this highly technical color service, or if you can't allow 6 inches of grey roots, there is another way. For gorgeous results without the bleaching process, hair extensions can make the transition while your grey grows in. 

There was ZERO hair color used for the transformations below.

grey hair transitioning with hair extensions denver

This client recently came to Heather for help. She was determined to let her grey roots grow in but hated the big contrast, what she called "skunk hair."  Using only hair extensions, Heather added 3 bundles of Great Lengths Salt and Pepper and 3 bundles of Great Lengths Platinum Silver. For the second phase, Heather added more Platinum Silver highlights to lighten up her look all over. This was all accomplished with Great Lengths Extensions. Chemical-free color with the added benefit of fuller hair!

salt and pepper grey hair blending with great lengths hair extensions denver

This remains one of Heather's favorite salt and pepper transformations. Using GreatLengths extensions, Heather created a silvery blend to match her natural hair perfectly. She used 4 different shades from the GreatLengths palette of silver and platinum hues.

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Stop hiding under a hat!

If you're thinking about making the leap, please book a free consultation with Heather. She'll discuss the process, discuss the different methods, and determine which one is best for your hair. She'll answer any questions you may have and color match your hair while you're in the salon. SEeing your hair in person and knowing which method to use, she'll be able to give you an exact price for the service.

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