2014 Summer Hair Trend: Wrap it up

Summer is the best time to experiment and try out different trends, and this season we have been seeing a whole lot of the headwrap in all its shapes and styles. Celebs like Eva Mendes and Rihanna are no strangers to this trendy look, and we must admit this is the perfect way to add flare to any outfit. Here are a few ideas and different versions of this 2014 Summer hair trend that will hopefully inspire you to try it out for yourself!

2014 Summer Hair Trend: Tie Knot Turban

This really is the perfect beginner’s choice when it comes to rocking this trend. All you need is a long scarf or a pre-tied turban to get started. Simply tie a knot then tuck in the ends for this effortless look. 

2014 Summer Hair Trend: Bow Love

This look takes it way back to the classic trend of the 50s. You can re-purpose your vintage silk scarves and turn them into glammed-up headwraps!

2014 Summer Hair Trend: Half Headband

Let your locks flow with a half-headband! It’s very bohemian and chic all at once. This look is perfect for those bad hair days. All you need to do is tie your scarf around your head and make a small knot in the back to keep everything secure.

Posted for Glo Extensions by Taylor Hensel

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