4 Bohemian Wavy Hairstyles For Summer

Bohemian Wavy Hairstyles Denver- Glo Extensions Salon

It’s summertime! That means now is the time to get your boho waves rocking. Texturized hair during summer is less effort, more fancy free, and is definitely a sexy look to try. So put down your flat iron, step away from your blow dryer, and maybe put your curling rod away until the fall. You can do this.

Summer hairstyles like bohemian waves mean air dried and natural. With the right combination of products aka, beachy salt wave spray and a leave-in conditioner to hydrate your strands, you’ll be good to go in creating any of these 4 bohemian wavy hairstyles for summer.

Summer Hairstyle #4: Parted Down The Middle 

This style inspired by the 60’s is all about natural texture. Parting it down the middle gives it that boho flair. If you need a little help creating those natural waves, here’s a little trick. The night before, smooth some conditioning styling cream through your ends, and then do braids on either side of your head before you go to sleep. Then when you wake up, gently undo your braids, and shake out. You’ll have those perfect waves that will last all day.

Bohemian Wavy Hairstyles Denver- Glo Extensions SalonSummer hairstyle #3: Half Up Crown

Sometimes during the summer, the only way to go with your hair is to get some of it off of you. It’s hot! Keeping your natural wave going is easy with this look. On freshly washed hair, smooth in a combination of styling oil and wave creating gel. Scrunch the product through your damp hair to coax out those waves. Then just let it air dry. After it’s completely dry, you can pull up half of your hair in a cute, but messy top knot or secure it with a stylish summery hair clip.

Summer hairstyle #2: Side Swept Low Pony

Bohemian Wavy Hairstyles Denver- Glo Extensions Salon

A side swept low pony is easy to do on day old hair that you aren’t in the mood to wash. We get it, there is so much to do during the summer that you want to get right to it. Dust or spray some dry shampoo through those roots to get this style off to the right start. If you need to freshen up your waves, this is the right time for that beachy sea salt wave spray. Spray it through the ends and when you have the waves you want, secure it on the side in a low ponytail. A bright silk scarf or hair tie is the right move to make here for a chic pony your friends will be envious of.


Bohemian Wavy Hairstyles Denver- Glo Extensions Salon

Summer hairstyle #1: Braided Beauty

If you know how to French braid, this is the boho chic style for you. Keeping your hair wavy, french braid across the front of your head, including your bangs if you have them, down to the side along your ear. This is a style that looks romantic and sweet for the summer. Plus, your hair is off of your forehead, which is a definite bonus for all day wear that will keep you cool.

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