7 Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Hair

7 Tips Healtheir Hair - Glo Extensions Denver Salon

Your hair should be fabulous. No matter what the color, texture, or style of your hair, it’s going to look better when you care for it in the right way. This might include the best kind of cleansing regimen for your hair type to start with, but great hair also involves so much more. In order to truly have the hair of your dreams, it requires a bit of vigilance. That doesn’t necessarily mean high maintenance hair either, so don’t get all freaked out if you are a low maintenance kind of gal. Your hair will be beautiful too as long as you follow a few of these rules that will give you healthier hair. At Glo Extensions Denver Salon, we advocate following these 7 simple tips that will surely improve your hair.

7 Tips Healtheir Hair - Glo Extensions Denver SalonTip #7: Give Your Hair A Hot Tools Vacation

Hot tools are murder on your hair shaft. That’s just a fact. So if you are grabbing for the flat iron, blow dryer, or curling wand every day, you may not want to hear this. Give your hair a hot tools vacation! Try to use these items once or twice a week, at the most.

Also make sure that they aren’t hotter than 350 degrees. Any hotter than that and you’re just begging for damage. Make sure that before your hair touches any hot tools, it’s properly protected with a heat protectant spray, like Color Proof HeatProof Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Cream. This also helps to smooth the hair and reduce frizz.  You can purchase Color Proof products right here at Glo Extensions Denver.

7 Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Hair - Glo Extensions Denver SalonTip #6: Wash Less Often

For you gym rats, this might be a problem. Everyone else try to commit to a less strenuous hair washing routine. The water and shampoo can dry out your hair, making it more brittle and sensitive to styling stresses. The way to combat this problem is to just wash it less.

If you wash everyday, try to move to an every other day routine of hair washing. Stretch it to every two days sometimes, if you can. On days you don’t want to wash, spray some dry shampoo on your roots before you go to bed. That way you’ll wake up with less greasy roots that you can restyle without washing. You’ll be amazed at how much healthier your hair will be when you don’t shampoo as often.

7 Tips Healtheir Hair - Glo Extensions Denver SalonTip #5: Deep Condition Weekly 

Take the time to either use a leave-in conditioning mask all night long, or let a deep conditioner penetrate your hair shaft for at least 20 minutes. Then the product will have time to completely hydrate from root to tip. Gently comb it through to make sure all your strands are covered.


7 Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Hair - Glo Extensions Denver SalonTip #4: Scalp Massage Does Wonders For Hair Growth 

Ever had a scalp massage? Heaven! You can enlist a buddy or your spouse to help you or give yourself one before bed. It’s extra relaxing, plus the stimulation can increase blood flow through you scalp to allow hair to grow better. You’ll get the long, luscious locks of your dreams faster! Or you can just skip all that and get the perfect set of Bellami Hair Extensions from Glo Denver Salon.

7 Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Hair - Glo Extensions Denver SalonTip #3: Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Are you waking up with frizzy tangled hair? It’s time to invest in a special pillowcase made of silk or satin. Your hair will slip and slide, knot free all night long, even if you tend to toss and turn. Trust us, treat yourself like a princess and get one!



7 Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Hair - Glo Extensions Denver SalonTip #2: Regular Trims Are a Must 

Your ends need proper maintenance. Even if you are trying to grow out your hair, your ends are going to look much better with regular trims. Try to have your stylist cut off at least a quarter inch every 12 weeks. Hair grows at a rate of a half inch per month, so even on that schedule you’ll get significant growth and your hair will look better in the process.


7 Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Hair - Glo Extensions Denver SalonTip #1: Be Careful With Too Many Ponytails  

We get it…pulling your hair back is just an effortless style. Too tight elastics though can cause breakage and thinning hair around your hairline. Try to alternate your hair elastics with a gentle clip that has non-damaging teeth. It also help to vary where you pull it back. Go for a high ponytail someday and low other days, so the stress isn’t always in the same place.

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