Hair accessory color trends.

Hair accessory trends change quite frequently. Depending on the season, the style of how you embellish your hair varies.  Each year Pantone publishes a list of the top colors for every season. For fall of 2015 the list of colors carry a cool and refreshing theme. These colors are going to be reflected in what is trending! Here at Glo Extensions we are proud to be able to keep our clients in the know when it comes to what is hot and what is not. fall trend colors

What hair accessory color trends can you expect?

The 2015 color of the year, Marsala is an extension from the spring palette, even though the entire fall palette has some decidedly spring like hues. You can expect colors like Cadmium Orange and Cashmere Rose to start popping up in your favorite stores amongst clothes. You may even find these colors in a hair accessory. 

What hair accessory should you look for?

hair accessory

Head bands are a major accessory this season. Pairing a thick and bold headband with an updo is an ultra trendy look. Headbands are also great for those days when you do not have time to properly do your hair. They are also great for the workplace as well as a night out!




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