Hairstyles: 5 Bond Girl Looks

spectre james bond 2015 hairstyles

Glo Extensions’ Top 5 Brilliant Bond Girl Hairstyles

Throughout cinematic history, Bond Girls have oozed class, style, and beauty. Over the past 52 years, we’ve seen more than our fair share of sassy leading ladies vying for 007’s heart – each of whom brought their own unique sense of style to the franchise.

In celebration of the release of Daniel Craig’s ‘Spectre’ recently (the 24th James Bond film believe it or not!) we take a look at our Top 5 Brilliant Bond Girl Hairstyles to date. We can recreate any of these show stopping looks here at Glo Extensions– just give us a call at (303) 968 4222.

We believe that classic looks like these never really go out of style. That is why using the past as inspiration for the future is a winning idea, especially when it comes to hairstyles.

Bond Girl Hairstyles: Ursula Andress in ‘Dr No’ (1962)

UrsulaThe 1962 film ‘Dr No’ provided Ursula Andress’ character ‘Honey Rider’ with one of the most iconic James Bond moments of all time. The now infamous scene when Andress stepped out of the breaking waves is still the number 1 beauty reference for beach hair, and the poster girl for holiday beauty.








Bond Girl Hairstyles: Halle Berry in ‘Die Another Day’ (2006)

aVjbT8jvw4eAUVxUi73hFOvORrP3-4i_yhjGJPfX6IEHalle Berry was possibly the first Bond Girl to rock seriously short locks in 2002’s ‘Die Another Day.’ Her chic pixie crop spawned a generation of copycat haircuts…and we can’t get enough of it!









Bond Girl Hairstyles: Karin Dor in ‘You Only Live Twice’ (1967)

Karin Dor perfectly embodied the swinging sixties in ‘You Only Live Twice’ with artfully flicked out locks. The only thing rivaling those flicks is her fabulously feline eye liner.

Bond Girl Hairstyles: Gloria Hendry in ‘Live and Let Die’ (1973)

Y7_rAER3svlqH58kuaB7Ima-1sEOko2WnZcwZIJGa2cGloria became the first African American woman to be cast as 007’s love interest in ‘Live and Let Die’ – and her 1970’s afro is packing a serious punch!









Bond Girl Hairstyles: Eva Green in ‘Casino Royale’ (2006)

When Eva Green was cast as ‘Vesper’ in 2006’s ‘Casino Royale,’ we knew we were in for a treat. Green brought her own brand of elegance to the Bond franchise, styling her glossy, preened locks into a glamorous chignon.