Kylie Jenner Hair: Length, Color and Style

Kylie Jenner Hair

It is no secret that Kylie Jenner is leading the pack these days when it comes to setting new hair trends. Forever changing, Kylie Jenner switches up her hair look weekly so it seems, but we do not mind. Each look is more fabulous than the last and we love how Ms. Jenner is pushing boundaries with her daring looks. No matter if you are looking for a sleek and classic style or are ready to make a serious statement, Kylie Jenner is the perfect hair role model. Here are some of her most fabulous looks and how you can achieve them!

Kylie Jenner Hair Extensions

Jenner is open and honest about how much she loves extensions! Extensions are perfect for adding length to any look, but extensions are also perfect for adding fullness and volume. They are also great if you want to change the color of your hair altogether. Kylie embraces all three benefits of extensions with most of her looks. She has gone platinum blonde and used extensions to her advantage to help create a dramatic and stunning end result. Kylie also used extensions to perfect a golden ombre that was fabulous. You can get a look similar to any of Kylie’s looks by adding extensions, and we can help!

Kylie Jenner Haircut and Style

One thing we love about Kylie Jenner is that she is not afraid to take a chance. Going short with a sassy bob is totally in, and Kylie did it so well. She even added her own style to the trendy cut by going with a fun blue ombre. Cutting off your locks does not have to be a bad thing, in fact it is right in style. If you are ready for a fresh change in 2016, this could be just the cut and style for you. Remember, Kylie has a heart shaped face. Keep in mind that your cut may need to be altered to fit your face shape. We can help you achieve a look close to Kylie’s no matter what face shape you have.

Kylie Jenner Hair Color

Having fun with hair color can be such a freeing experience. Make sure your hair is in good hands though. Damaging your hair is very possible if you do not take the right precautions when coloring your hair frequently. It is no secret that Kylie Jenner changes up her hair color a lot. One of her secretes is plenty of moisture and choosing a stylist who cares! We can make sure that your coloring is done professionally with minimal damage. One of Kylie’s most popular looks this past year was the mint green hair color she wore on the red carpet. Her long locks combined with the fabulous hue of green was stunning.

Kylie Jenner Hair Inspiration at Glo! 

If you are looking to try any of Kylie Jenner’s hair looks, come and see us! This year is a great time to try something new and fun! Mix up your look and get inspired by Kylie Jenner and all of her fun and fresh hair styles. Whether you are looking for a sleek bob or long and colorful locks, Glo Extensions can make your dream look come to life. Be sure to give us a call for an appointment at (303) 968 4222. We’d love to sit down with you and discuss which look would best suit you!