Top 5 Winter Hair Trends 2017

Your poor hair can take a beating during the harsh Denver winters. Between the blustery cold weather whipping at your strands and don’t even mention the hat head, ugh! If you live in a snowy environment, it can be hard to make your hair look presentable. You don’t want “presentable”, you want fabulous! Here are Glo Salon’s top winter hairstyle trends of 2017 that can carry your style until spring.

Winter hairstyles: Low ponytailTrend #5: The Low Ponytail

Don’t feel like if you just throw your hair back into a ponytail that you are giving up. This style requires a little more finesse. Work with your natural texture, but use a smoothing cream when your hair is damp. Either air dry, or have it blown out. Then secure at the base of your hairline by your neck with a decorate clip or hair tie. Secure the look with some finishing spray that adds shine. This is an easy style to wear with a hat that won’t look completely mangled when you get to your destination.

Winter hairstyles: Ballerina Bun

Trend #4: Ballerina Buns

This is a look stolen from the ballerina dancers on pointe, but you can look “on point” too with this easy to replicate style. Go for one bun, high up on your crown or rock two buns low on either side of your head. Each way is going to last throughout the day. If you rub some wave boosting cream through the ends before you twist them into each bun, when you take it out at night you are going to have some gloriously created waves, which are perfect for a night on the town, or a hot date.

Winter hairstyles: braidsTrend #3: Braids Everywhere

This might seem like a cop out style wise, but a braid is a simple way to secure your style that will look fantastic all day. Think fishtails, french braids, or even regular braids, because anything goes with braids everywhere.  Hairstyles with braids can stand up to windy and snowy conditions and still look fabulous.

Trend #4: Get a Winter hair cuts and hairstyles: Glo Extensions Winter HairBetter Cut

With Glo Extensions Denver “Glo Me Away” packages right now we are offering the Flawless Winter Hair Package for a limited time. This will not only get you a better cut that will carry your through the winter season, but also a deep conditioning treatment with warm aromatherapy towels, a Signature Glo scalp massage, styling lesson, and color service. You’ll leave with magnificent hair that you won’t have to think about this winter.   Valued at $310, only $145 for a limited time!

Winter hairstyles: straight hairstylesTrend #5: Straight Hairstyles

When all else fails with your hair, it’s time to go strictly glam. Shiny and straight hairstyles using the very best hair extensions are going to be the way to go. Fusion hair extensions are going to last up to six months, so this style will take you all the way through those boring winter months, which you won’t even notice since you’ll be too busy admiring your newly amazing long hair. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

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Top 5 Winter Hair Trends 2017Glo Extensions Beauty Editor Kelly Reising is the published author of “Lifetips 101 Makeup Tips” which is available on and at many bookstores nationwide. With a journalism background, her articles have appeared in such publications as Allure, Vogue, and Working Mother Magazine. Connect with her on Twitter @kellyreising