Healthy Hair: 10 Tips to Transform It

Healthy Hair: 10 Tips to Transform It

1. For Healthy Hair, Keep Conditioning

Conditioner is like water to the body, without it we simply cannot survive. In order to achieve healthy hair, you must constantly replenish it with moisture. This can be done through the use of a dry conditioner! If you are trying to save time by not washing your hair everyday, don’t turn to a dry shampoo! It will soak up any natural oil in the hair and leave it looking flat.

2. Be Gentle

Do you know what chemicals your shampoo and conditioner contain? Make sure you are weary of what you are lathering up with. Using a non-detergent shampoo will leave your hair feeling like new as it strengthens strands versus removing moisture like most shampoos. Healthy hair doesn’t come easily, so make sure you are paying attention to how you treat it.

3. Get a Trim

Every now and then summer hair has reached all hopelessness. When your hair has become totally dry and damaged, there is no fix! Only by trimming your hair will you be able to start over and achieve the healthy hair you have been hoping for!

4. Go Easy

Sometimes the key to healthy hair lies within the simplest of braids. Keeping your hairstyle casual and loose truly takes the strain and stress off your hair. Not only will an undone look be the healthiest option for your hair, it will also look fantastic. Add an accessory like a scarf or headband and be on your way!

5. Add Oil for healthy hair

Doesn’t lotion for healthy hair sound wonderful? Just like healthy skin needs moisture, so does healthy hair!  Coconut, Argon and Macadamia Nut oils act as lotion for our hair. These oils rehydrate your hair and leave it feeling refreshed. A spritz or two a day keeps the split ends away!

6. Hydrate Your Hair

Masks that you add to your hair don’t work unless they are able to fully penetrate the hair shaft! Hydrated hair is healthy hair, which means if you bleach, perm, or even color your hair, a conditioning treatment may be in order. Your hair shaft, in order to look its best, should be filled with vitamins, minerals and protein! Masks and other treatments can open up the hair cuticle, which will leave your hair stronger and healthier looking.

7. Rock the Best Nighttime Up-Do

Breakage often occurs when you are rolling around in your sleep. In order to prevent breakage, gather your hair on the top of your head and tie it up before you hit the hay. This up-do will keep your hair together and protected all through the night.

8. Turn Down the Heat

Rule number one. Always let your hair air dry, especially in the summertime. Blow-drying your hair is never the best option, so if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to do it the natural way, use a nozzle! Allow your hairs natural texture to shine versus breaking down and burning it. Having healthy hair isn’t always convenient so make sure you give yourself the time to take care of it.

9. Seal Your New Color

If you are coloring your hair in the summer, make sure to ask your hairstylist to seal in your color. It is important to remember that sunlight and heat oxidizes your hair color. This will leave your hair looking damaged and fried. Keratin treatments can be just the fix as adding more protein will leave your hair less fluffy and vulnerable to oxidation. Take the necessary precautions in order to maintain healthy hair despite the coloring process!

10. Go to the Gym

Gym memberships can be expensive! Make sure you get your moneys worth by using the facilities to your advantage. Before you are headed for the gym add some oil or a mask to your hair before pulling it back. After your workout, hit the steam room and allow your hair to soak up the mask by placing a shower cap on your head. While your muscles are relaxing from the days work, your hair will receive the conditioning of the century.

Healthy Hair: Say Yes!

Healthy hair is in your grasp! Contact Glo today for more information on how to properly maintain your hair after a coloring or any other treatment. Shinning this summer begins and ends with healthy hair!