3 Ways to Embrace Your Curly Hair


If you have been blessed with natural curls, you probably understand the pros and cons of having untamed tresses. Naturally curly hair can be a blessing and a curse at the same time, however learning how to tame your curls can help you embrace your natural gift! Here are 3 Ways to Embrace Your Curly Hair to help you better manage your curls and manage the frizz:

3 Ways to Embrace Your Curly Hair: Add some moisture back into your mane. 

Frizzy hair trends to be drier, this means it is important to add moisture into it. By using a conditioner, natural oil, or frizz cream you can better control your frizz and keep your locks moisturized. Try and avoid synthetic silicon moisturizers though because they usually make the hair look dirty and greasy.

3 Ways to Embrace Your Curly Hair: Comb dry hair with wet fingers.

By wetting your hands when you need to comb your hair you allow the moisture to tame your tresses therefore preventing frizz! Remember the main problem when dealing with frizzy curls is the dryness factor. Keeping your curls looking luscious is all about moisture!

3 Ways to Embrace Your Curly Hair: Avoid heat styling if you can.

As many of us know, heat is damaging to the hair. Avoiding cooking your curls is a good way to go because in the end, heat is very drying and does a great job of sucking all of the moisture out of your locks. If you can stay away from flat irons, blow dryers and all of the above your hair will be better for it.

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3 Ways to Embrace Your Curly Hair 

Posted for GloExtensions by Taylor E. Hensel