Are weft extensions right for you?

are hand tied wefts right for you denverAlso referred to as hand tied extensions or even hand tied wefts, Weft Extensions are suitable for most women, but according to the  experts at Glo Extensions Denver there are a few exceptions to the rule. If you're curious about wefts, you’ve got good taste! And good for you! You’re doing your homework to know if you’re a good match for wefts with a hidden beaded row.

Weft Extensions are popular in Denver.

We love doing hand tied wefts, it’s a popular service at Glo Extensions Denver. During our free hair extensions consultations, women who are new to hair extensions often inquire about wefts and the hidden beaded row method. And depending on their hair type, texture and style, weft extensions are a great choice and we highly recommend them.

However, there are cases when weft extensions aren't the best fit and we actually discourage them in favor of a different method. 

Weft Extensions are ideal for most women, but not all.

For over 15 years, we’ve been installing, maintaining, and personally wearing hair extensions of all types. That hands on experience helped us identify those small – yet important - exceptions to the rule.

Get the facts on "Hand Tied" Extensions.

First, let’s clarify terminology. Even among the professionals, there is some ambiguity in the terms we use.  Hand tied can refer to the needle and thread installation method, the finishing of the weft, or both!

Hand Tied Application

Weft extensions use a natural beaded row application, but we prefer a hidden beaded row application which is slightly different. In this technique, beads are attached to natural hair, creating a track near the scalp. This base is the foundation for attaching the wefts, which are hand sewn onto each beads using a needle and nylon string.

Hand Finished vs Machine Finished Wefts

The wefts, or the small bands of hair that are attached, come in different finishes for different purposes. They are either hand tied or machine finished. Wefts that are finished by hand are more delicate and flexible because they contain less hair. These are great for clients with average to thin hair. On the contrary, machine finished wefts can pack more density, which is actually preferred for clients that have thick or coarse hair types. Whether machine finished or hand finished, either type of weft can be used in the natural beaded row method. For a hair extensions technician, that’s where their expertise comes in. They have to decide which style weft to use and where in order to create a natural looking result.

Am I a good candidate for Weft Extensions?

Generally speaking, most women can wear weft extensions. However if you can answer YES to any of these questions, we might recommend a different type of hair extensions. We'll explain why.

Do you have baby fine hair?

Fine hair is slippery. And the beads used with hand tied wefts tend to slip out of place on silky hair, even if silicone beads are used. Some clients don’t even notice that their bonds are slipping (versus growing) out of place, moving further from the scalp line where they were installed. But as stylists, we get a much better view of the back of your head, and it happens. Women with fine hair will get a much better result with either a tape in extension or a fusion extension like Great Lengths.

Do you have shoulder length hair, or a style with lots of layers?

If you hair is shoulder length or shorter, and you want to add length, hand tied wefts are NOT the way to go.  If you have a style with lots of layers or a short style with choppy layers, you can still wear hair extensions, but again, hand tied wefts are NOT the best match. We find that you’ll get a much better, blended result with a different type of hair extension like fusions.

Get Started with a FREE Hair Extensions Consultation

The consultation is an important step in pairing you with the right type of hair extensions. Our hair extensions consultations are valued at $50, and it's on us. No obligations. Completely free of charge. Why? We do this to to make sure that you have a solid knowledge about hair extensions and what you can expect, what they will look like and how it fits into your budget. When you walk out the door wearing your new hair extensions, we want you to LOVE the way you look!

Book Your FREE Hair Extensions Consultation

Glo Salon offers a Weft Extensions service with different brands. Our stylists have been trained and certified in the hand tied, hidden beaded row technique. If you've got normal to thick or coarse hair and looking to add length, come in and talk to us! Our hair extension experts will propose a plan and suggest styles and colors to complement your features and personality. (If your hair is not suitable for hand tied extensions, don’t worry as we have other options such as tape-in hair extensions or keratin bond fusion hair extensions.)

Book your consultation appointment by using the online form or calling the salon.


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