Celeb Hair Transformations 2014

This year we have seen some seriously dramatic celeb hair transformations. From Megan Fox’s long bob all the way to Katy Perry’s green locks, it is obvious that change is in the air in Hollywood! Here are just some of the most memorable celeb hair transformations in 2014 thus far.


Celeb Hair Transformations: Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman showed up at the HBO Emmy after party sporting her new pixie cut with the sides shaved. Her new look is certainly very different from the long waves we are used to seeing her with. However, this daring move paid off because going from basic to bold seems to be on trend, and Malin nailed it.


Celeb Hair Transformations: Scarlett Johansson

Like Malin Akerman, Scarlett Johansson went from long and classic to short and bold. It appears that she has lightened her hair along with cutting some serious length off.


Celeb Hair Transformations: Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin took a serious risk by dying her hair purple! The classic blonde said goodbye to her traditional locks in order to fulfill her childhood dream of being a mermaid and it seems like she is having fun with her new look!

Celeb Hair Transformations: Kristen Wiig

The funny lady went from brunette to bleach blonde and we think she looks fantastic! Going from dark to light seems to be a common theme among starlets these days and Wiig could not have done it better.

Celeb Hair Transformations: Katy Perry

Just when Katy Perry seems to have chosen a hair color she goes ahead and dyes it yet again! Although Perry has had just about every hair color in the rainbow, green is new for her. Even though her look is far from traditional it certainly is dramatic.

Celeb Hair Transformations: Megan Fox

Megan Fox has made a hair transformation but proves to be just as gorgeous as before. She ditched her iconic long brown waves for a long bob and a richer color. Her new look gives her a new and fresh energy that is undeniable.

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