Pastel Hair Color: How to Wear It

Pastel hair color has made its way on to the pages of the most popular fashion magazines and plenty of celebs are embracing the daring trend and even wearing it on the red carpet. This unusual hair color trend has officially gone mainstream, but it is not always easy to make the transition from a standard color to a bright pastel hair color. Knowing how to rock your new color is important; here are some tips to consider when changing your color to a statement hue!

Pastel Hair Color: Ease into it


If you are hesitant when it comes to dying your entire head of hair right out of the gate, consider coloring your tips first. By easing into the color it will allow you to make your transition without the shock factor, and it can help in the color choosing process as well. Trying out a few different hues on your tips is a great way to find what suits you best.


Pastel Hair Color: Show off your natural roots

Keeping your natural roots in tact ensures that your pastel color will not be too overwhelming. Kesha shows off her dark brown roots all while rocking a two toned pastel look, yet it is not too bold. By keeping the pastel colors mute and your roots dark you too can achieve this fun look!

Pastel hair Color: Maintain some dimension

If you make the choice to go all in with your color, be sure to maintain some dimension. What this means is make sure that there are several hues of the color you choose in your hair. Kelly Osbourne is a great example of pastels done right! If you look closely there are several shades of purple in her hair. Making sure the hair has depth when it comes to the color is important to give you a classy and polished end result!






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