Great Lengths Hair Extensions: The Easiest And Most Simple Summer Care Tips

Exposure to the summer sun, salt water, and chlorine can cause a great deal of damage to a full head of natural hair, let alone those of us with extensions! The summer months can surely turn your hair into a tangled mess if not properly cared for. With as much as we invest to keep our hair looking fabulous, learn how to properly care for bonded, Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions: Treat Them As Your Own Hair

The important piece to remember when dealing with Great Lengths Hair Extensions is that the hair can be treated just as you would treat your own hair. The only threat the summer conditions pose is its ability to wear down the bonds! Although the bond has the ability to expand and contract as your hair gets wet and dry, you don’t want to soak your hair for too long. Swimming is not out of the question! Just remember that when wet, your bonds are sensitive and more fragile then when dry!

Great Lengths Hair Extensions: Simple Care

Keep your Great Lengths Hair Extensions in a braid or a loose bun when swimming as it helps minimize tangles and takes any sort of tension off your bonds. Just like your normal hair, your extensions should be handled gently and shampooed two to three times a week. Remember to brush Great Lengths Hair Extensions regularly with a brush with looped bristles, perfect for extension care.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions: Glo Denver

The key this summer with your Great Lengths Hair Extensions is to be mindful! There is no reason to live your life in fear of what certain scenarios will do to your extensions. If you have any questions about how to better care for your extensions, give Glo a call! Set up your free consultation today and let us help you better maintain your Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

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