Great Lengths: Why They Are The Rolls Royce Of Hair Extensions

The verdict is in: today, more than ever before, women everywhere (and some fellows) want the look that only great hair extensions can give them. Not all hair extensions are made with the same quality checks to ensure lasting results that really deliver on the promise many salons make — so beware. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at why Great Lengths hair extensions are, as we call them here at our Denver salon, ‘the Rolls Royce of Hair Extensions’.

Before There Was Great Lengths: History of Hair Extensions
Before we detail specifically why Great Lengths are so beloved by our stylists and clients alike, let’s give you a little context and do a slight detour into the history of hair extensions. Believe it or not, hair extensions have a long and storied history beginning as far back as in ancient Egyptian times. An Egyptian woman who walked the earth over 3,300 years ago was found with artifical hair extensions: clearly, hair extensions have staying power. Things were a little bit more primitive way back then:: Egyptians used supplies such as beeswax and resin to attach their extensions. Fast forward just a few years and look at the 1700’s in France: famous royalty such as King Louis turned to hair extensions when he started to experience hair loss — his followers soon followed suit.

Then, in the 1800’s, hair collecting became a popular thing — and a whole market developed around buying and trading it. In the 1900’s, hair extensions gathered even more steam with a popular weave called ‘The Switch’ (aka hair extension clip-ins). In slightly more current times, the 1960’s famous beehive required extensions and wigs (Diana Ross stole the show when she stepped onto the scene with hair that was just as powerful as her voice). In the 1980’s through now, hair extensions became especially popular among women of color. As more and more women turned to the power of hair extensions to transform their looks, the secret got out — and today, hair extensions are a wildly popular way to give your looks some serious volume.

Not Buying Great Lengths Extensions? Buyer, Beware
As with any item that is in popular demand, a market develops around it — for better or worse. Unfortunately, not all hair extensions are truly great — and many extensions have caused both hair damage and heartache.
Just as you can buy many different kinds of say hair dryers, you can find many different kinds of hair extensions. The kind of hair extensions you end up with may be determined by what is available, what your hair needs, the look you want, your budget — and, more importantly — by the salon you choose for your extensions (such as GLO here in Denver).

To start, there are two distinct types of hair extensions:extensions made with synthetic or artificial hair, and hair extensions made using real human hair. Though synthetic hair may look almost natural and look great out of the box, it is far less durable — and therefore less long-lasting — than real human hair. Extensions made with human hair will have a more natural look, can be color-matched and styled just like your own natural hair.

Within human hair for extensions, there are further quality distinctions you should be aware of. ‘Remy’ hair extensions are premium as the important hair follicles all run in the same direction. Why is this a great thing? It great reduces tangling and keeps your extensions looking and feeling soft and silky.

Bottom-line on this: while synthetic hair could stay looking great for as little as a week, human hair can be styled, colored — and stay looking amazing for as long as a year.

Why Great Lengths?
Now that we’ve gone over the different types of materials used for extensions, let’s take a quick look at the different ways in which extensions can be applied by salons: clip-in, sew-in, and tape-in extensions. Sew-in extensions offer a bit more flexibility when it comes to style — with less stress. Clip-in extensions are perfect for the quick change artists among us who want fast style and the option to change it up quickly. Tape-in extensions are particularly amazing for women with hair loss or thinning hair as they truly minimize damage — while still offering the same great styling flexibility and looks that you get with other types of extensions.

By this point in the article, pat yourself on the back: you have the history of extensions and a run-down on what’s currently available at salons today. That’s great news — because an informed buyer is a good buyer. Now that you’re informed, let’s circle back to why Great Lengths hair extensions are the best extensions money can buy…

Great Lengths hair extensions didn’t get the name ‘great’ by accident: they are designed to be the very best hair extensions on the market today. So…what makes these extensions so great? For one, they are made of 100% Remy (see above) human hair…but that’s just the beginning.

Great Lengths are Ethical
Next, Great Lengths hair extensions are 100% ethically sourced. Many Indian women donate their hair to temples — and the hair is then auctioned and bought by Great Length’s pro-buyers. The profits the temples make from the hair goes to good causes: filling bellies, providing clothing, caring for orphans and giving schools supplies.

Great Lengths are Made with Great Care
Great Lengths hair extensions travel great distances: after their origin in India, they next are processed in Italy. There, Great Lengths professionals test individual strands to ensure quality standards are met and sewn onto muslin strips to be ready for the color to be removed…removed? Yes! Great Lengths actually has a patented “de-colorizing method” that removes color without bleach or ammonia. This makes the hair ready for some truly out-of-this-world color work from the Great Lengths team.

Great Lengths are Crafted in Small Batches
Great Lengths offers over 60 different colors of the rainbow — and all of their extensions are dyed using the highest quality textile dyes that been developed exclusively for using in Great Lengths extensions. These colors are crafted in small-batches by Great Lengths colorists who excel at what they do. Once the hair is colored, each strand is then sorted and fully aligned to ensure equal length and direction — from the follicle to the end of the hair.

Not only does Great Lengths offer more than 60 colors for their extensions, they also offer tape-in extensions in addition to their original line.

Final word? When it comes to hair extensions, it’s like anything else: you truly will get what you pay for. Don’t be tricked by a salon that doesn’t specialize in extensions and be skeptical of one that doesn’t offer Great Lengths as an option — and don’t be tricked into paying for a product that’s sub-par and leaves you with sub-par results. If you’re in Denver — try us here at GLO for a state-of-the-art salon that goes to great lengths to make you look amazing.

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