Hair Extensions Prices: You Get What You Pay For

“How much do hair extensions cost?”

When it comes to the cost of hair extensions, it’s impossible for us to quote you a specific amount without seeing your hair in person. That’s why we offer a free hair extensions consultation. We’ll tell you which hair extensions are best suited for your hair type, your lifestyle and budget. If you find a salon that just throws out a blanket price, or quotes you over the phone without seeing your hair, let those warning bells go off.

“Are hair extensions expensive?”

This is the most frequently asked question at the salon so here’s a breakdown of the main factors that drive the price of hair extensions:

  • Quality of the hair being applied
  • Type of hair extensions and amount of hair required
  • Time and skill required to properly apply them 

High quality hair extensions are an investment. With that being said, this isn’t the time to bargain shop for a service that deals with the health of your hair and scalp. When you are seeing super low prices for fusion or tape-ins at your local salon, it’s probably a deal that’s too good to be true. Cheap looks cheap and you don’t want that. When you pay for quality, you’ll get the job done right the first time.

Quality of Hair

When talking about the quality of hair, 100% human Remy hair extensions is at the top.  Not all human hair extensions are made the same!  Our Remy hair is ethically sourced under strict quality control to ensure that each weft contains hair from a single donor with the hair cuticles facing the same direction. With 100% human Remy hair, your hair extensions will look completely natural and blend in seamlessly with your own hair.

Type of Hair Extensions 

The three types of adhesive methods that we use here at Glo Denver Salon to apply the extensions are clip-ins, tape-ins, and fusions. Clip-ins use larger wefts of hair and require less time to apply and are therefore the most affordable option. Tape-ins take more time to install and fusion strand by strand extensions are meticulously applied, making these types of extensions more costly. 

Time & Skills Required

Seek out a stylist who is certified and experienced with hair extensions and don’t compromise. Your stylist should be able to show you proof of their certification, pictures of their work, and reviews from their clients.  It’s as simple as that. Part of what you’re paying for is skill and experience of your stylist for the approximate 3-5 hours you’ll spend in their chair.
When you get your hair extensions at Glo Salon, you can be sure you’ll get what you pay for!

  • Free initial consultation
  • Top of the line 100% human hair extensions
  • Expert application by a certified stylist
  • A haircut to blend the extensions into your style
  • Home care instructions
  • Home care products (shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray)
  • 1-month checkup appointment with wash and style

At Glo Salon in Denver, our service is more than just putting in the hair extensions. We care about the health of your hair.  We want you to LOVE your extensions.  They should feel good and look amazing.  We want heads to turn when people see your hair!

What Low Quality Does to Your Hair And Scalp

Hair Extensions Corrections Denver

When extensions aren’t put in, maintained or removed properly, it can contribute to hair loss, patchy baldness, and permanent follicle damage. Sometimes people can get really bad headaches from extensions that aren’t applied the right way. Bad application can even destroy the hair shaft damaging it in a way that takes a long time to reverse. Cheap hair extensions – and cheap service – just aren’t worth the risk.

Here’s just a few horrible applications we’ve seen walk into our salon:

We have a lot of experience with fixing hair extension disasters.

We love fusion extensions, but they are NOT for every hair type! This client had baby fine, broken hair and we would NEVER have put her in fusions. Not only did this client get an awful service at a different salon, but she was told she was getting Great Lengths extensions. Those are NOT Great Length Extensions! She paid a lot of money for plastic, bulky, huge attachments because she was told they were something else! We had to start all over on this Glo Client using Great Lengths PLUS tape ins. Luckily we had them in stock and our client was able to walk out of here looking flawless!

Hair extensions correction Denver hair extensions correction Denver
REMEMBER: before getting hair extensions, do your research. Read up on extensions, request a consultation. Check out before and after photos. Verify that the stylist is certified. Please don’t let this be you!

After Our Consultation, You’ll Know the Exact Price

One of the most important parts in getting the right hair extensions for your head of hair is our initial free hair extensions consultation. At Glo Salon, this is a vital and important part of the service where we’ll not only explore the variety of hair extensions that will work for your head of hair, but we’ll also outline the exact cost for you.

If you go to a salon that is cagey or not specific about the cost, you might be surprised with a very big bill at the end of your visit. With total upfront pricing at Glo, you’ll know exactly what your new mane will cost you and you can rest assure that you’ll be in the best hands. You do get what you pay for and with Glo, it’s definitely money well spent on luxury hair extensions.

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