The Importance of Reading Reviews Before Getting Hair Extensions

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From Mount Evans to the Botanic Gardens, Denver is full of beauty that extends as far as the eye can see — and the beauty doesn’t just stop at natural sights: locals take great pride in their appearance. There’s no shortage of salons here, but even in a city like Denver, getting hair extensions that look, feel, and perform exactly the way you want isn’t as easy as calling the first salon phone number you find. Why not?

Unfortunately, there are far too many options and far too many new players (and even established salons) who simply don’t understand and do not specialize in hair extensions. As a result, we’ve heard from a number of very unhappy campers who have had not-so-great or even downright negative experiences getting new hair extensions in Denver…and that’s a shame, as expertly-applied and cared for extensions not only transform hair, they transform lives with the new confidence and outlook that goes along with a whole new look.

Finding a salon that doesn’t just offer extensions as another option on a large menu but which treats hair extensions as a craft worthy of true expertise may seem difficult, but it’s not impossible.

To find a true hair extensions expert in Denver, do your homework!  Seek out real feedback from real clients.

The best way to find an amazing place for hair extensions, in Denver (or beyond if you’re not local to the area) is to start by getting word-of-mouth reviews. What do we mean by ‘word-of-mouth’ reviews? Listen to what actual, real customers are saying about their extensions — not just stock models or copy-and-paste advertisements. After all, most customers rely on reviews before they make a purchase — and your hair and beauty should be no different.

Do the work now to make sure that the extensions salon you choose can fully deliver the results you want.

Learn from Reviews: Avoid Hair Extension Horror Stories by Finding the Right Salon

Finding a salon for hair extensions in Denver by listening to reviews can help you avoid horror stories.

Local Denver meteorologist Lauren Whitney, who happens to be a frequent guest at GLO Denver, reviewed our salon — and clearly, she knows a thing or two about fact-checking. She gets asked where she gets her hair done almost every day — both in person and emails from viewers. Before extensions, Lauren says she struggled with hair that was thinning but wasn’t sure about extensions, “I’ve heard from girlfriends who have had horror stories but I’ve learned that going to a place that does it right (GLO) that they’ve just been going to bad places.”

You can watch Lauren’s entire hair extensions review on GLO here.

Learn from Reviews: Know What You’re Getting from the Hair Extensions Stylist

When you listen to reviews from real clients, you can ensure that you’re not taking a blind leap when you walk through a salon door. Local Denver client Gio Macas says it helps to know what to expect before you sit down in the hair extension stylist’s chair.

For example, Gio knew she was in good hands at Denver’s GLO based on how her stylist Heather and the team treated their own hair. “If a stylist’s hair looks good and presentable, that’s a good sign…” Gio says, “some people take a leap of faith and show their stylist a picture. If I show Heather a picture, it turns out similar if not better than what I expected.”

You can watch Gio’s entire hair extensions review on GLO Denver here.

Learn from Reviews: If you want your hair extensions to look like your natural hair, quality matters!

Reviews can tell you spades about the quality of the extensions. Frequent GLO guest Lauren Beauchamp says she used to go to a different Denver salon for hair extensions but found that the quality was lacking. She searched for a salon that could deliver a higher-quality look and found GLO. She says finding the right salon has made all the difference.

Lauren points out that since she’s been going to GLO, “these extensions have just been amazing. You never see any little tapes up here and you can’t tell that they’re extensions.” She continues, “you can never tell that they’re extensions. I get so many compliments on my hair and when I tell them I have extensions everyone is like ‘wow, you have extensions? It looks real.’”

You can watch Lauren’s entire hair extensions review on GLO Denver here.

Learn from Reviews: Good hair extensions should fit your lifestyle.

Frequent Glo guest Jaira Torchia says that after a bad haircut, she found a fix and a new love of her hair when she found GLO. Not only did hair extensions rescue her from a bad haircut, they gave her the flexibility and style she needed. Jaira was afraid that with extensions, she wouldn’t be able to resume business as normal and was happily surprised to discover that life with extensions is really no different:

“Washing my hair is just as simple, styling is just as simple — it’s honestly no different than having my natural hair.”

You can watch Jaira’s entire hair extensions review on GLO Denver here.

If you live in Denver, you have options for hair extensions. Before you make an investment, however, be sure to check out reviews and be sure that the extensions salon you choose has a strong and quality reputation.

Bottom-line? You wouldn’t purchase a computer without double-checking at least a few reviews and seeing what others are saying about it. Your hair is a big deal — so why invest in hair extensions and possibly end up with a negative experience before checking out what the reviews say about the extensions salon you are considering.

Choose a salon who makes you feel comfortable and confident that you’re getting the right hair extensions for you!

When you’re looking at online reviews, whether it’s directly at the salon’s website or on Yelp, look for reviews that speak to the extensions’ quality, service, durability and so on. A before and after photo is only that: a photo. Why? What really counts when it comes to hair extensions is not just how they look immediately after you get them put in. If you have specific concerns about getting hair extensions, see if the reviews for a salon help lay them to rest. For example, a salon may have many clients who struggle with thinning hair and have seen great results: their reviews should reflect this.

Choose a salon with reviews that not only help you relax about the salon but also make you excited about how the salon can transform your hair.  Your chosen salon should offer a no-cost consultation to assess our hair, review your options and answer all of your questions.  Make sure all of the costs for the service are clear up-front!
Learn more about how a hair extensions consultation at Glo works.