Tape In Hair Extensions Denver: Where To Get Them

Take your hair from mediocre to WOWZA with Tape in Hair Extensions

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Getting the hair of your dreams doesn’t have to be so complicated. There are so many different types of extensions to explore from fusion extensions to clip in and tape in extensions. You also have to consider your hair type, the length you want, the upkeep and your budget.  Tape ins are actually the most popular type of hair extensions out there, and with good reason.  They take less relatively less time to apply – versus strand by strand or fusion extensions – and are easy to maintain.  Most people don’t realize that with proper care, tape-in extensions can last 6 months or more! 

Tape in hair extensions are applied with a special kind of tape or adhesive bond.  They take minimal time to apply, are easy to maintain which makes tape in extensions an affordable option.  They look stunning, and can give you length and volume. With proper care, they can last 6-8 months! Plus, they can handle the regular wear and tear of showering, working out, and even swimming. How cool is that? It’s like your real hair only better. Gorgeous. Sexy. Full-on-glam-girl-style hair that turns heads. What more could you ask for? A pony. Just kidding.

So Where Should You Get Your Tape In Extensions in the Denver area?

If you’re considering getting tape in hair extensions, then Glo Extensions in Denver is THE place to go.  The line of tape in hair extensions we use at Glo Denver is called HairTalk Extensions (Formerly known as Hotheads Hair Extensions).

Why come to Glo Extensions in Denver? 

We are a reputable salon whose main service is doing fabulous extensions. Don’t leave your hair and extensions in the hands of the inexperienced because that would be a huge mistake that could wreck your hair and scalp. It takes hours and hours of specialized training to be able to properly apply and maintain hair extensions.

Glo Extensions Denver is the premier salon for glorious hair enhancement. Let’s learn the facts to get you started on the road to tape in extensions that will take your hair from mediocre to wowza!

The brand we use at Glo Denver of tape ins is called HairTalk Extensions (Formerly known as Hotheads). This line of hair extensions is used the world over for the quality and supreme beauty of the extensions they provide. They are non-damaging, using hypoallergenic hair bonds or adhesive bands (tapes!) that blend seamlessly with natural hair. There are different kinds of tape in extensions to suit every hair type and texture. We have you covered with our selection at Glo Extensions Salon in Denver! Here’s a few styles to consider:

Hairtalk hotheads Tape in Hair Extensions Denver - Glo Extensions

Original: 12 and 20 piece packs of long luxurious hair that can be used to give a flawless and natural look.

Petite: 12 piece packs that add a little volume to fine hair, partial areas to add volume, and around a thinning crown.

Mini Strands: Create volume, add highlights, and are completely vanishing into your hairline.

Fantasy Extensions: Wild color combinations, ombre effects, and even pastels are what HairTalks fantasy extensions line is all about. For those gals that think a little outside the box!

*All of these extensions types come with a slight wave, so they can hold a curl or wave with a curling wand or can be smoothed out with a flat iron. The goal is to match your natural hair texture as closely as possible for the most seamless look in hair extensions when styling.

How Long do Tape In Hair Extensions Last?

“Tapes” as they are sometimes called last on average, if you care for them correctly, about 6-8 months with regular touch up appointments every 6 weeks. It also depends on how fast your hair grows, so it can vary a bit person to person.

Keep in mind if you can’t commit to keeping up with tape ins correctly, they may not be the hair enhancement you are looking for. There are other options in hair extensions, including fusion or clip ins that might be more on par with what will work for you and your level of commitment to your hair extensions. Don’t worry though, we’ll be able to fit you for the extensions that will suit your lifestyle and you’ll be thrilled when you walk out of our salon doors. We’ll make sure of that.

How are Tape In Hair Extensions Applied?

The best part about tape ins is that they are able to be attached to the root of the hair, so that your natural hair still grows without sustaining too much damage. You do have to be very careful with the application process. That’s why it’s vital to have a stylist who is specially trained to apply tape ins the right way.

The application and maintenance appointments to apply the tapes correctly is about two hours. That’s one of the best parts about tape in extensions versus fusion. They take much less time to put in and refresh at your maintenance appointments. Even with your busy lifestyle you’ll be able to work in keeping up with your tape in hair extensions.

Get a Complimentary Hair Extensions Consultation at Glo Denver

Tape ins enhance your own head of hair, and they are waiting for you right here at Glo Denver. Our stylists make sure that your consultation answers any and all questions you might have about the process. It’s not something we take lightly because we know that hair extensions can be an important investment in yourself. They can make you feel confident, beautiful, and above all give you the hair you were meant to have. Give us a call today to schedule that first consultation with one of our talented staff.

Feedback and Images of real Glo Hair Extensions Clients

You can also go online to our Facebook or Insta page to see before and after pictures of gorgeous tape in extensions that have been done on our clients. This can give you some inspiration on what your own set of extensions could possibly look like.