The Difference Between Tape-Ins and Fusion Hair Extensions

Hadeel Khaireddin, one of our top notch hair stylists at Glo Extensions Denver Salon, takes you through the difference between tape in and fusion (“strands”)hair extensions in this helpful video. Let’s chat a little bit today about the difference here, so you’ll know all the details to consider before committing to your own set of gorgeous extensions. Both kinds are extremely popular at the salon, so what you’re really looking at is what will work specifically for your lifestyle.

The Longevity And Maintenance Of Each Type 

Tape In Hair Extensions Transformation - GLo Extensions Denver SalonFor tape-in hair extensions, the hair itself lasts about six to eight months. You’ll need maintenance appointments about every six weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. During the appointment, the glue from the first layer of the tapes is dissolved, the hair is clarified and washed, and the tapes put back in. Then any trimming you might need is done and the hair is styled to perfection for you. Overall it takes about two hours of your time.



The Difference Between Tape-Ins and Fusion Hair ExtensionsWith fusion (strands), it’s a keratin bond that’s used to connect the extensions to your hairline. This process does take a little bit longer. For your first fusion appointment, it’s pretty much going to take all day, but the tradeoff is that you don’t have the kind of maintenance you need with tape-ins. Your fusion extensions will last about three to six months, without a need for touchups in between. When you’re ready for a new set, we’ll completely redo them for you. Each individual strand is about the size of a rice grain and they are done in rows.

What’s Best For Your Hair?

When it comes to deciding what will work for your hair, it’s always best to book a free consultation with us. That way we can decide what will work with your hair texture and lifestyle. The tapes are quick and easy, but also good for someone who likes to change up their hair color from time to time.

With fusion, if you have thicker hair, shorter hair, or issues with layering, then the keratin fusion extensions might be better for you performance-wise. There are more textures of hair to choose from with fusion extensions, including straight, body wave, and deep wave.

For Those Scared Of Commitment

Before and After Clip In Hair Extensions - Glo Extensions Denver

The bottom line is that both fusion and tape in are a commitment. If you are scared of that, you may enjoy clip ins that you can remove on your own whim each day. Either way, let’s get you on the road to your ultimate hair transformation, with everything Glo Extensions Salon can do for you.