How to Create the Perfect Updo While Wearing Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions and the Classic Updo

updoUpdos done right are always chic and trendy but accomplishing the perfect bun or pony while wearing hair extensions can often be a struggle. Hiding your hair extensions from being seen while your hair is up is not always easy, but it is possible! Depending on the type of hair extension you are wearing there are measures you can take to create the ideal hairstyle without revealing a glimpse of your extensions!

If you enjoy wearing your hair up frequently it is a good idea to let your stylist know this before getting your hair extensions put in. This will allow your hairdresser to strategically place your hair extensions away from the very bottom and sides of your head allowing the extensions to be hidden easily while your hair is up.

Hiding Tape In Hair Extensions

Another fantastic way to better conceal your tape-in or fusion hair extensions is to add a little texture to your hair before putting it up. If you do not already have a teasing brush go get one…these brushes work wonders! Take the teasing comb and gently (be sure to avoid tearing out your hair extensions) tease the sections of hair that need the most coverage. This will add an extra bit of surface to your hair to better cover up your extensions. Next, give a light dusting of hair spray for reinforcement and proceed with putting your hair up.

Hair Extension Tips

These two simple tips are sure to change your hair game when it comes to rocking an impeccable updo. Remember to be cautious when dealing with your hair extensions and try to avoid pulling at them because after a short time this will take a toll. Wearing a low bun or pony rather than a high style is always a safe bet if you are struggling with hiding your hair  extensions. Take your time when putting your hair up, and you are sure to see the results you really want.

Written by Taylor E. Hensel for GloExtensions Denver.