Holiday Hair: Going Classic

holiday hair

Holiday hair trends should be on your mind because before you know it you’ll be getting ready to attend holiday parties and gatherings. Time is of the essence and although Halloween has not arrived yet, Christmas planning should begin now. As the holiday season begins, appointments tend to book up fast so make sure you get your appointment made so that you can look fabulous for Christmas!

Holiday Hair can be so much fun. Whether you are looking to make a serious change or simply want to look glamorous and perhaps a little festive, we have got you covered on what’s trending.  From updos to soft and sleek looks, there are so many ways to mix it up this winter season.  Take your pick from an array of holiday hair styles that will turn heads and garner plenty of compliments.

Your Holiday hair would not be complete without the perfect color and cut though. That is why we are going to give you plenty of ideas to pull from!


If you want to capture the Christmas spirit, this style is the one for you. This style goes well with hair color rich in copper shades and pair it with a red lip and you are all set. First create a deep side part. Apply mousse all over your hair and then blow it dry with a small round brush. Pin small sections of curls over your entire head of hair and then set it with light hair spray. Let your curls cool and softly brush them out to add bounce for this holiday hair look.



There is nothing like holiday hair with plenty of volume. Volume is glamorous and gives off an effortless look. If you are crunched for time and you have a party to attend this holiday hair look is perfect for you. It can be achieved in a matter of minutes. This look is perfect with a deep red hair color. The rich tone of red will simply enhance your volume and glamor factor! The key to achieving this look is properly prepping your hair. Begin with a straightening balm for curly hair or even a volumizing spray for straight hair. Blow dry your locks with a medium sized round bristle brush. This will create a full finished look that is straight but has bounce at the ends.



Nothing says holiday hair like loose curls and a fun up-do. This look works really well with overgrown roots or hair that has serious color dimension. Go with a balayage highlighted look and whether you are a brunette, blonde or red head, hair full of perfectly blended colors is always stunning. Once you have the hair color in order, loosely curl your entire head with a large-barrel curling iron. Create a low side ponytail and then braid half of the pony then wrap it around your head like a headband. Pin it into place and twist the other half of the pony tail into a messy bun. Finish with a light sprits of hair spray and you are good to go!



If you have not noticed, braids are totally hot this season. Any change you get to incorporate a braid into your style, we say go for it! This particular look is simple and great for an everyday look turned holiday hair style. It looks great for hair of any color,  however the best cut for this holiday hair style is a fun shoulder length cut. Start by misting a light hold volumizing hair spray on dry hair, part on the side, and use a large-barrel curling iron to create piecey waves. Begin a french braid at the part and stop right about the opposite ear. Set your braid with a hair tie and then pin it into place.


We can make sure your holiday hair is nothing less than fabulous. From your cut, color and style we have got you covered. Come get into the holiday spirit with us! If you need more than hair services we also offer professional makeup application to complete your holiday ensemble. For an appointment call (303) 968 4222.