Hair Extensions: 5 Crucial Care Tips!

hair extensionsHair Extensions: 5 Crucial Care Tips!

Brush with Care

With the help of a looped or soft bristle brush, you can successfully keep your hair tangle free! These styles of brushes ensure that little to no damage is done to the hair extensions during the brushing process! Always detangle the bottom of your hair first and work your way up. Brushing with hair extensions takes extra care and patience! Go the extra mile to ensure your hair extensions are always looking their best.

Wash, Wash, Wash

Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair extensions is an important step in maintaining their overall look. It is imperative to rid your hair of any tangles before the shampooing stage begins. Finding a quality shampoo and treating your extensions with care while washing makes all the difference. Finish up this process with a wide toothed comb and brush out the makings of potential knots.

Don’t Forget to Condition

Hair extensions need to be nourished just like your natural hair! Work in a great leave in conditioner and brush out any remaining tangles to keep them looking fresh and bouncy. Make sure to not over conditioning your extensions, as too much will result in limp and lackluster locks.

Gentle Blow Drying

Too much heat is never good for anything, let alone your hair extensions! Be sure to use low heat when drying or styling both the bonded areas of your extensions and the lock itself! Don’t worry; you can still use your blow dryer, just on a level of heat that wont cause damage, breakage or sticky bonds!

Protect your Bonds

The secret to fabulous hair extensions depends on the way you treat your bonds. Failing to treat your bonds with care  will leave you with hair extensions that arent so fantastic looking. Be aware of how much heat and stress you are placing on your bonds!
The Tie Back
Although looking fabulous is important all the time, tying up your luscious locks during physical activity is extremely important. A ponytail will help you avoid annoying creases and tangles and also help minimize your hair extensions exposure to sweat.

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