Hair Growth: The 6 Essentials You May Be Missing

Hair Growth: The 6  Essentials You May Be Missing

For some of us hair growth can be a struggle! With all the colors and chemicals  introduced to it over the years, kick starting natural hair growth can be almost impossible. If you are attempting to increase the length and thickness of your hair but aren’t quite seeing results, you may be deficient in some of the essential vitamins and minerals that inspire natural hair growth.

Hair Growth: Are You Deficient?


Niacin like Biotin is apart of the Vitamin B family! However, Niacin has a special role in the hair growth process, nourishing the scalp. Without Niacin your hair turns brittle and is extremely prone to breaking! Being deficient in Niacin can lead to Pellagra, a condition that affects the scalp and its ability to produce healthy, lovely hair!

Vitamin C

We all know Vitamin C is imperative in keeping a strong and healthy immune system, but what about keeping hair long and luscious? Vitamin C is found in a great deal of hair products as it rejuvenates and encourages faster hair growth! Getting your daily Vitamin C fix is always best when consumed through whole foods, however a supplement works well too!


Although not considered a vitamin, Protein is extremely crucial to hair growth. If you are eating adequate amounts of protein you will see your hair growing stronger and longer in a shorter period of time. Not only will an increased intake of protein benefit your hair, it will also help you maintain stronger nails and a more clear complexion.


Biotin is often linked with hair growth! Over the last few years Biotin has become the most used hair growth supplement as it comes in a pill form and is easy to take! Like Zinc and other vitamins, the average person consumes enough Biotin on a daily basis. However, it is soluble in water and doesn’t stay in your body over long periods of time. This means you need to take it every day in order to see results!


Like protein, Iron is not a vitamin but is an important mineral that is crucial to the hair growth process. Iron is commonly found in the foods we consume on a daily basis, like beef and other meats! However, Iron is found in many other foods so you don’t have to rely on red meat to be sufficient.


Lucky for you, you are probably consuming substantial amounts of Zinc if you stick to a regular diet. However, the question is, are you absorbing it? The trick is to take an additional supplement or even look for hair products that contain extra amounts of Zinc. Hair growth is best seen when you take all your vitamins, A to Zinc.

Hair Growth: We Can Help

Hair growth is a simple task for some, but not all! If you are taking the necessary steps to achieve naturally long and healthy hair but cant seem to find success, contact us here at Glo! You may just be the perfect candidate for hair extensions! Give us a call today and set up your free hair consultation.