Hair Color – Grey, Silver, and White

hair colorHair Color: Getting Edgy while Keeping It Classy

Let’s talk about hair color trends shall we? Here is the deal… some trends are chic, some are edgy, and some are both. A trend that is only gaining popularity is the silvery look. Essentially, celebs and style icons have been making bold hair color moves by dying their locks hues of grey. There are so many different ways to embrace this look depending on your cut and skin color. We are going to help you find the best way to try it out!
Step aside silver foxes, it’s time for the silver felines to take center stage!

Hair Color: Grey

This color works great for gals with darker skin tones. It is also great if you are trying to keep your hair color change work appropriate. One way to make this look a bit less abrupt is to incorporate black and dark grey colors to add depth to the look. It also works as an ombre look! Go from dark to light starting dark at your roots and gradually get lighter for a super fun and edgy take on going grey!

Hair Color: Silver

Silver is a tricky combination of white and grey. This is for the ladies who have lighter skin and want to keep a fine balance between their hair color and pale skin. This hair color does not have to wash you out if it’s done right. Make sure that you incorporate shades of light grey throughout your tresses for a look that you’ll love!

Hair Color: White

If you’re ready to be daring and edgy going all white hair color is worth a try! This look tends to work best if you
have naturally blonde hair because the transition is far less shocking than for someone who has naturally dark tresses. Remember though, keeping depth of color in your hair is essential. Going completely white is not the goal. Be sure to keep elements of grey present. This color goes great with a short bob or even a pixie cut!

If you are not quite ready to dive right in to this hair color trend we suggest starting out with just a few strands at a time. Be gradual about your change, that way you can ease into the look. Extensions are a great way to change your hair color without having to use dyes! We can help you achieve the perfect look with our expertise and skill. Come in and see us soon and let’s chat about your hair color goals!  Give us a call at (303) 968 4222 for more information and to book an appointment.