Is Your Shampoo Ruining Your Hair Color?

Is Your Shampoo Ruining Your Hair - Glo Extensions Denver Salon

Could your shampoo be bad for your hair?

Think about your hair color for a minute. You ideally want your tresses to be as vibrant as possible. Loaded with shine, glossy color and depth is the goal. Or is something simple you use each time you step into the shower attacking your color? It could be your shampoo. The possibility that your shampoo could be bad for your hair color is a sad fact.

When you don’t check the ingredients in that bottle, you might be left with a less than stellar formula that isn’t doing your hair color any favors. When you invest in great salon color from Glo Extensions Denver Salon, you know your colorist mixes the shade that’s just right for you. How you take care of your color is up to you though. Be a bit of a detective when it comes to your hair products if you want longer-lasting color. If you suspect something is sabotaging your new hair color, here are the likely culprits.

Supermarket Shampoo - Glo Extensions Denver SalonSupermarket Shampoos Are Loaded With Fillers 

Not all shampoos are created equally.  And cheap ingredients are the star components of supermarket hair products. They are in fact loaded with silicone and hair striping ingredients that destroy your hair color. Blondes and redheads are especially prone to damaged color from the wrong hair care products, although it can happen to rich brunettes too.

This reality is bad shampoo leads to premature fading and your hair color will just look washed out. Dull. Boring. Flat. Everything you don’t want your brilliant hair color to be, especially after you spend so much time and effort at the salon.

Sadly with supermarket or drugstore products, you get what you pay for. When you invest in your color, it’s vital to also utilize quality shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.

is shampoo bad for my hair- Glo Extensions Denver SalonOver-washing Your Hair 

Super hot water is your hair color’s enemy.  And it’s also not necessary to wash your hair everyday. Even the most gentle shampoo uses water that can sometimes make hair more prone to fading and damage. When you color your hair, it’s a smart idea to baby it a little. Treat it like you would a gorgeous silk dress with care.

Try to shampoo only every few days and extend those days between shampooing with a high quality dry shampoo. This will keep the roots and your scalp from feeling or appearing greasy. Learn to style your hair when it’s not freshly washed. Your strands will stay much bolder in color and retain shine easier.

The Solution is To Go Sulfate Free

Kevin Murphy products available at Glo Extensions Denver

When you go sulfate free with your shampoo, it’s going to allow a gentle, non-stripping wash to occur. Your hair color will ideally last longer, so that it looks better between coloring appointments. Two great hair care lines to try are Kevin Murphy and ColorProof.

Color proof products available at Glo Extensions Denver

ColorProof says it all right there in their name. The brand’s goal is to “color-proof” your hair color so that it stays beautiful wash after wash. All their shampoos are sulfate-free. Their whole motto is “evolved color care.” That’s why we carry both of these lines at Glo Denver to ensure that your color is vibrant and out of this world spectacular!

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