Pink Hair – Don’t Care!

Pink Hair color denverDo you dare to wear Pink or Rose Gold Hair?

We’re talking hair color that takes some old fashioned moxie to rock. This is not a color for the timid, because a pink hue is surely going to turn heads for its originality. The fun part about pink hair or “rose gold” hair is that the color is actually fairly flattering on any skin tone. So are you ready for it? Let’s talk the specifics of what this pink hair trend is all about and how Glo Extensions Denver Salon can bring the color to life for your own head of hair.

Pink Hair Is At Least A Two-Step Process

Sometimes this pink hair process is called “blorange” because it’s a mixture of pink, peach, and blood orange when you look at the different hues it can potentially be. You want this style to be pretty and unique, like Georgia Jagger, daughter of famed rock legend Mick Jagger did it with her own hair and created the nickname, showing it off on Instagram earlier this year.

How pink it will end up looking is going to depend on how blonde your hair or extensions are to start with. The more bleached and platinum you are to begin with, the more bold pink your hair will end up looking in this two step process. For a more pastel pink, the hair has to be bleached out to an almost white hue for the look to work. That’s why the softer blorange is more easy to achieve, since it can be done on medium to light blonde hair.

Pink Hair Extensions

Check out this look using 14-16″ tape in extensions.

Pink Hair - Dont Care!

Go All Over Or Subtle With Just The Ends With Pink Ombre Hair

You can do this all over your head for hair that says beautiful drama, or you can just have your Glo stylist do the ends pink for a more ombre and subtle look. It’s all up to you on how pink you want to go. This style can be fairly out there if you work in an office or professional setting. You really have to be “pink hair don’t care” on this one if you want to get away with it. It’s such a fun look though that even if you just wanted to sport it for about a month, it’s going to be memorable on you.

Pink Hair - Dont Care!Keep in mind that maintaining this look does require monthly appointments because the pink hue tends to fade fast. Take care of the color the best you can by using a sulfate-free shampoo, weekly deep conditioning, and don’t over use the hot tools if you can. That way your pink color with stay bright and true.

If you’ve got what it takes to rock this look, call the hair color experts at Glo Salon in Denver at 303-968-4222 , or request an appointment online.