Why Tape In Extensions Are So Popular

Tape in Hair Extensions are becoming super popular, and not just in Denver!

As a full-service extensions salon here in Denver, we have lots of clients who are total devotees to tape ins. When considering her choices from all the different kinds of hair extensions, new clients often ask us ‘why are tape in extensions so popular.’  From the hair extensions experts at Glo Salon, here is the scoop on tape in extensions, who they’re best for, how they work, and, of course, how they wear!

What exactly are Tape-in Hair Extensions?

Until recently, tape-in hair extensions have been somewhat of a Hollywood secret. Celebs who go from short hair to luxurious and long – and back again seemingly overnight- rely on the magic of tape in extensions.

Tape in extensions are gaining steam as a must-have tool for enhancing your overall look — especially for our clients who don’t have time for more traditional extensions, have thin or damaged hair, or simply want more flexibility to make changes often.  They apply in less time than other attachment methods and are great for a special event.

  • They look totally natural
  • They apply and remove with relative ease
  • They are ideal for short or damaged hair
  • They are lightweight and won’t weigh down your style
  • They can be cut and styled to blend in with your natural hair
  • Last 6-8 weeks per application and can be re-used

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How are Tape In Extensions Applied?

One of the most common questions we get is “are tape in extensions actually taped in?” Believe it or not, yes they are applied with specific tape with is made with a medical grade adhesive. With Great Lengths tape in extensions, just one of the brands we trust here at GLO, strips of human hair that are applied to a strip of your own natural hair. Tape in extensions are gentle on your hair, unlike other methods that require weaving or sewing. Tape in extensions can be fully blend with your existing hair to look 100% natural. 
Watch Tape ins being applied in this short video clip.

Once your full head of extensions has been applied, your expert stylist then cuts and styles your hair to get your look just where you want it.

Customize Your Look with Endless Colors and Textures

If you love the look of balayage, tape in extensions are a match made in heaven for you. Great Lengths offers a full suite of color options that truly work with every natural (or otherwise) hair color in the galaxy! Beyond just hair color options, tape in extensions are available in several different lengths. Love longer hair? With tape in extensions, that’s no problem. Want to try out a shorter look? Again: it’s easy with tape ins. Overall, our clients love how customized they can get — with both color and length — using tape in extensions.

Hair Quality Matters

Not all extensions are made the same.  Look for tape in extensions made of the highest quality materials. We’ll go ahead and name drop brands like Great Lengths and Hot Heads. They use 100% human hair that goes through a long journey of quality control, tests, treatment, color, and strand matching before they make it to our hair salon here in Denver.

tape in extensions are popular in Denver

With Tape In Extensions, It’s Easy to Change Your Style

Tape in extensions make it super easy to keep your style fresh. Believe it or not, applying a full head of tape in extensions can take as little as 45 minutes to an hour (this is amazing to our time-pressed ladies as other styles of extensions may take hours).

Have a special event and want long locks instead of the short tape ins you chose? No sweat. Removing tape ins is just as fast and making a switch to longer hair tape ins takes no time at all. If you get custom coloring to your natural hair, the short amount of time it takes to apply tape ins means you can get that coloring and your tape ins applied all in the same day.

Because of just how fast you can have tape in extensions applied and removed and applied again, they’re a fantastic choice for time-pressed clients, quick change artists, and clients who just aren’t sure if they’re going to love their new looks.

Tape In Extensions Feel Great, Look Great, and Wear Great

Our clients rave not just about the quality of the tape ins we use, but also about how they look, feel, and last.

Because quality tape ins are ‘double-drawn’, each extension is as thick at the end as at the top — which gives clients an amazing bounce to their hair. Our clients describe tape in extensions as feeling ‘lightweight’ and even ‘weightless’ and we agree: these extensions don’t weigh you down (one of the reasons they’re so terrific for fine and thinning hair).

When the tape-in extensions you choose are made of the highest quality human hair (hint: if you’re in Denver, come see us at GLO), you don’t have to sweat it when it comes to daily hair care. You can brush, wash, swim, and work out with your tape ins — without worrying about damaging them.

Tape in extensions last between 6 weeks to 8 weeks (depending upon the skill level of the salon you choose and the quality of the tape ins they offer) — before they need to be readjusted. Readjusted? Yes: you don’t have to start over every 6 to 8 weeks if you don’t want to: you can reuse your tape ins many times over if you love them.

Tape In Extensions Are Gentle on Thinning or Damaged Hair

While other types of tape in extensions may not be appropriate for all types of hair, tape in extensions work for everyone. If you have thinning or fine hair, are recovering from an illness, or have damaged hair — you don’t have to worry when you choose tape in extensions. While clip-in extensions and sewn-in extensions have their merits, they tend to be heavier and not work as well as tape ins for finer hair. Because of the method of application for tape in extensions, however, they are lighter and, as a result, a perfect choice when you have hair that needs a little extra TLC.

Here at GLO, we carry an amazing brand of tape ins that work particularly well for those with fine or thinning hair: Hot Heads. We love this brand because it has all the quality markers we look for — and gives our clients the same look and durability as with other extensions.

Bottom line — tape in extensions are so popular because of the amazing volume and thickness they add to your natural hair — while being fast to apply, quick to remove, easy to style, and versatile to match with whatever look you have or want. If you want a boost of volume (and a boost of confidence) when you look in the mirror, and you’re in Denver, give the team at GLO a call: we offer Great Lengths and Hot Heads tape in extensions and our team of stylists is trained in and specializes in hair extensions (unlike other local salons that offer them as an add-on option).

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