Where Can I Find The Best Hair Colorist in Denver?

The city of Denver is a pretty big place.  Don't settle for mediocre hair color!

When you want your hair color to look amazing, you should look around for a hair colorist who knows how to deliver the look you want. So...how do you find the best hair color in Denver?  Here are a few tips to help guide you to your ideal hair colorist.

Do some soul searching.  What do you want?

Before taking a blind leap of faith, ask yourself how you want your hair color to look. Your ideas will help your hair colorist zero in on the type of styles that appeal to you, how bold you are willing to go and how dedicated you are to the upkeep!  An open dialogue and an exchange of ideas help guarantee a great result so request a hair color consultation with your stylist.  A good salon should offer complimentary consultations, either on a separate date or immediately prior to your service appointment.  Take advantage of it!

Having some photos on hand is a welcome idea and an easy way to show your hair colorist what you like.  Feel free to take a mix-and-match approach and say "I like the buttery blonde in this picture, but prefer chunkier highlights around the face like this."  This will help your stylist customize a hair color just for you.  Before your service begins, you'll know what to expect including the price.

Look Around

Finding a great hair colorist in Denver starts with a little detective work.  If you see an incredible balayage at the coffee shop, ask them who does their hair!  Ask people who have amazing hair color - even if it's not the look you're after - so that you can locate the talent!  Instagram and Facebook are also perfect ways to discover living examples of great hair, often times with a side-by-side before and after shots.  Search with the help of hashtags and tagged locations to find a local salon you are considering. 

Look Online

Finding Denver’s best hair colorist is more than just picking the first salon at the top of the heap in review sites, although social media can reveal a lot about the quality of a salon. Yelp, Google, local review sites and individual salon websites are all good resources to start. You may want to make a list and then narrow it down to a couple options to check out further. A word of advice: don’t get taken in by a flashy website (or a flashy salon for that matter). Look for reviews and see what others are saying about the services there. Further, pricing for hair color services should be transparent. 

Look for Experience

Visit the salon's website and look for a bio on the stylist to get a feel for their specialties.  Not every hair colorist is trained in the latest hair color trends.  So if you're going for something very specific like vivid hair color, fantasy color or premium hair color services like balayage or ombre hair, seek out stylists that have that specific experience listed as their passion! 

Safety First

You want a professional colorist to be creative- and honest.  You don’t want a colorist who is willing to sacrifice the integrity of your hair for fashion's sake.  A good hair colorist is part chemist as well as an artist and will know the best course of action to get you to your ideal hair color safely.

For Great Hair Color, Try Glo Extensions in Denver

Last thought: if you are looking for a truly great hair colorist in Denver, why not check out what our salon GLO has to offer? Our colorists are not only highly skilled at their craft, but they bring artistry and passion to every strand they color (and we're conveniently located right in Greenwood Village!)  Go ahead, schedule a free consultation!

The Best Hair Color in Denver and Surrounding Areas:

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Cherry Creek

Lone Tree

Greenwood Village


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Castle Rock.

Salon Review Denver CO
Lauren Beauchamp
BEST HAIR EXTENSIONS EVER. I love everyone who works here, they are so sweet, fun, and extremely good at what they do. I’ve been coming for about 3 years. I took out my extensions in August but I couldn’t stand not having them in so I got them back in during December. You do not even need to get extensions to come here, they do fabulous color. The salon itself is so clean and well decorated. Everyone always complements my hair and are shocked when I tell them it’s extensions because they look so real and are blended really well. I had extensions from another salon originally and they did not compare at all to glo extensions and i’m so happy I found this wonderful place.
Salon Review Denver CO
Katelind Robitello
Brittanie provided the BEST hair experience I have ever had. Never going anywhere else - ever!!! Gorgeous cut/color, precisely what I wanted.